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Learn to get the most from your DSLR on our intensive digital photography classes in the UK

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"Our digital photography classes for beginners are aimed primarily at beginner/amateur photographers. Those who own or are thinking of buying a Digital SLR (DSLR) and need help with it".

If you cannot make it to one of our courses, this may well interest you! Check out our membership section at ATP. We have put the entire course online which includes all you need to know about using a DSLR.

This includes a total of 16 hours of video tutorials, an absolute beginners section, DSLR training, wedding photography, stock photography and MUCH more.

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Digital Photography Classes for Beginners: Introduction

Hi and welcome to ATP's Photo Courses for Beginners. My name is Nick Stubbs (stands up) and I have been a photographer (amateur to full time professional) for more than 35 years. I first used a film SLR camera at the age of 12 (Olympus OM-1, Chinon CM-4s, Cosina CT-1). Cameras have fascinated me ever since! You can see more of my history on my about Nick Stubbs page.

I have photographed everything and everyone. From small passport photos to huge society weddings and from Princess Anne/Prince Andrew to Girls Aloud. I've taken photos whilst jumping out of planes and at the other extreme, 35m underwater. I love everything to do with photography and hope this comes across in the course.

I've built my own wet darkroom, taken cameras apart and sometimes experimented with them. Sometimes using rather unorthodox and destructive methods all for the sake of understanding the camera, lighting and photography a little better. Even now after all this time that passion is still burning strong. I now want to share some of that knowledge with newcomers to the wonderful world of digital photography.

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Digital Photography Classes for Beginners

Are you lucky enough to have received a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) or mirrorless camera for Christmas or a birthday. Maybe you fancied a stab at photography on a more semi/professional level and treated yourself to one of these cameras?

Whilst you have a beautiful camera which feels great in the hands...

  • Does it confuse you a little?
  • Perhaps when you switch from full auto mode to something else such as aperture priority (Av) or even fully manual?
  • Do you wish you knew how to really get the most out of it and enjoy it more?
  • Do you want to know what it all means?

Well, you are not alone! With these wonderful cameras becoming so affordable, many people are looking to step up their photography. And why not? Plus the fact that most homes have a PC with some form of editing software now.

For years the SLR (with interchangeable lenses) was reserved for the professional photographer or serious enthusiast. Now is the time for anyone to enjoy photography at this more advanced level and it may not be as difficult as you think to master it.

What will I learn from your digital photography classes?

Our short half or full day course is guaranteed to help you understand the power locked into your DSLR. We help you discover what all the features and functions actually do and when it is best to use them. After all, the manufacturers have spent decades getting these features spot on. Why waste all that effort by staying in auto mode?

If you think photography is fun now, wait until you really understand your camera at the end of this short digital photography course for beginners. You'll find that your creative urges go through the roof! You will see the world entirely differently and get so much more from your photography...guaranteed!

You will learn...

  • Camera modes - Auto, aperture priority, shutter priority, manual, sports, landscape, close up, portrait
  • Everyday shooting - What to look for and how to shoot it
  • Black and White Photography - Timeless!
  • Composition - Don't just stand there! Learn how to "see" a photo just about anywhere!
  • Lenses - You have the ability to add just about any lens to your new camera, you now need to understand what you need and why
  • Lighting - Probably the single most important aspect of any art form
  • Flash photography - Understand how the light works and how you can control it
  • Digital Imaging - Touching on uploading to a PC and using Photoshop/other editing software
  • Cleaning and maintenance - With DSLR's comes dust. Plus you may find yourself getting down and dirty now that you know what to do to get those special shots

By the end of the day you should feel confident enough to switch to manual and really start to get the most out of your camera. As I say to many of my students, you need to "feel at one" with your camera. Sounds silly but it is true.

Where is the course held?

The course is held in a cosy bed and breakfast in Weymouth, Dorset (5 minute walk from train station). We are right on the beach and close to some amazing countryside so a short excursion is also included in the one day course. You can either arrive early in the morning or include one night’s accommodation and breakfast beforehand. This is great to get to know other course members and of course, me!

The day also includes an introduction to digital imaging using a laptop, projector and various editing software which is held in the lounge area of the B and B (plenty of tea and coffee on tap).


The next courses will be held on - T.B.A. (In the meantime, please consider our one to one training below).


You or your family/friend have spent a good amount of hard earned cash on a lovely piece of kit and not using it to its full potential is like buying a Ferrari to do the weekly shopping!

The cost of the group course (currently not running) is just £125 with a maximum of 8 people. If you wish to stay with us the night before, add £30 which will include a hearty breakfast to kick start the day! Once you have completed the course you can always come back for some individual and intensive one to one training.

One to One Tuition Fees - Intensive Training

  • 2 hrs - £135
  • 3 hrs - £195
  • 4 hrs - £250
  • Full Day (up to 10 hours and includes lunch and snacks) - £450 £395
  • Two Full Days (Incl. one night b and b and all lunches) - £795 645

Tuition for 2, 3 and 4 people (at reduced fees) and "off-site" visits (I come to you) are available by arrangement.


I found Nick's enthusiasm infectious and his sense of humour on a par with mine which made an intense day go by like a breeze. We covered all the topics I wanted and have come away inspired, confident and ready to invest my time and effort over the next few years to create a solid photography business...

- Todor

..."I did a one to one course with Nick which was aimed at getting equipped to start the foundations of my photography business. The areas we looked at were stock, business/marketing, weddings, a couple of other opportunities, and workflow.

If you are interested in any of his courses I would highly recommend starting with the members section and then getting in touch with him for a one to one or group course. Thanks Nick and I look forward to seeing you again very soon!"

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