May 11, 2008

The Need for a Break

Time to Recharge Your Batteries?

When I got ready to shoot a wedding in Spain last weekend, I booked the trip for 6 days. I had the need for a break that I desperately needed after getting this huge project off the ground. This has to do with wedding photography training…coming soon.

I thought I would meet the wedding couple on day one. Chill out for a couple of days and shoot some stock. Shoot the wedding. Chill out some more and then come home ready for anything…not so!

I find it hard to turn work down, especially from old wedding clients. Therefore, I ended up doing:

  • The wedding
  • Three portrait shoots
  • Two video interviews
  • well as cleaning our 4 bedroomed apartment from top to toe ready for holiday rentals this summer!

I had zero R and R time! Needless to say I came back to the UK more tired and stressed than ever!

So this weekend (this morning) I thought, "lets go out early (7am) and shoot some stock photography and stock footage in the early hours of a beautiful sunny day".  Which I did. Then, later I took the family to Kingston Maurward, a stunning stately home in Dorset. It has a large farmyard, animals in abundance, picnic areas, lakes and lovely relaxing walks.

What a day and I finally got to relax although I did take my camera as I just can’t help myself. I guess I am stuck with this profession/hobby for life…not so bad really!

The Need For a Break

The moral of this post is really for me to reflect on in the future. To emphasize to myself the importance of taking time out. Wedding photography can be quite stressful enough and when you have a heap of other work to do as well, not taking a break can be quite detrimental to your health and your business…take time out!

Anyway, now I am chilled and as happy as a pig in sh….

The Need for a Break

...and of course, I can never resist the occasional stock shot!

The Need for a Break
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