January 27, 2013

BBC World Service Towers Get Demolished

The BBC World Service Masts Make Way for £100 Million Solar Farm

Towers Get Demolished

Yesterday, I was privileged to be asked to attend a PR event by a local energy company. They have taken over the old BBC World Service site in Dorset with big plans for the future. I was to watch and film as the BBC World Service Towers Get Demolished.

First used to broadcast in 1941, the old masts are now being demolished once and for all. This is to make way for a new, £100 million solar farm in Dorset. The company in charge reassured us that they would do all they can to preserve:

  • The nature
  • Wildlife
  • General well-being of the area

Whilst, for some, this would also improve the landscape and skyline of their beloved Dorset countryside.

BBC World Service Towers Get Demolished
Film Crew Shooting Demolition of BBC towers

Some locals have come to love the masts for their historical value. Others simply see them as a "homing beacon" landmark to find their way home. Three masts are apparently being kept for local transmissions, phone networks and possibly Wi-Fi for the area.

Therefore, there will always be some legacy left behind for those die hard, historical tech fans.

Down they come

The largest of the masts was demolished for us and we were allowed to film it (see video below). Each leg base was cut. Then the mast, using the existing cables attached to the top, was simply pulled over using a tractor.

BBC World Service Towers Demolished
BBC World Service Towers Demolished

Just how slowly the mast fell was mesmerizing, it was almost like slow motion. Even when it hit the ground with a loud thud. Thankfully this spectacular event didn't cause any accidents on the nearby road as drivers saw them coming down.

To record the event, I used my large, broadcast video camera and a smaller Go Pro HD Hero 3 as back up or B-roll footage. As it turned out, both cameras worked flawlessly in the cold, wintry conditions.

Great to see this historical event…watch as the BBC World Service Towers Get Demolished.

BBC World Service Towers Get Demolished
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