March 24, 2006

Research Cameras

The Importance of Research When Buying a Camera!

Researching Cameras on Google

In the past when I research cameras, all I wanted was to put a full frame sensor in the Canon EOS 20D with a few more megapixels! The increase in screen size, addition of picture styles and more professional "look and feel" were just bonuses.

If I had relied on this review, I may well not have bought this camera. I may have opted to shell out thousands more for a camera which only just produces slightly better images.

The review website has even changed their initial ratings on a few products which totally threw me. I probably won't take too much notice of their reviews in future.

The whole point here is that everyone is different in what they want, like or need from a camera. Most reviewers online are excellent and give an impartial review and look at all the pros and cons from many angles.

There are so many of you now looking at buying a new DSLR or upgrading to a new one, it is important to do plenty of research beforehand. Read at least 5-10 reviews from people like Fred Miranda, DPreview, Steve's Digicams or Make your own mind up.

Research Cameras Offline

Go to a store and feel it in your hands. Will it do what you need it to do, will it get the job done? Does it "feel" right? Do you like it?

If you are going to fork out a large chunk of your hard-earned cash on a camera, make sure you get the one that is right for you. One that will last at least a few years.

I will write a full review on the Canon EOS 5D at All Things Photography once I have used it for a while. I plan to use it mainly for my commercial photography business.

Edit: Review now done here: Canon EOS 5D User Review

I feel better now!
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