April 9, 2018

7 Unique Photography Niches Worth Considering

Looking for creative ideas? Think about these niches as food for thought

It’s easy to feel like your photography is stuck in a rut. A great way to shake this feeling is by exploring different photography niches that you could take up. From the weird to the wonderful, you’re sure to find something that you’ve never heard of. A topic that will help to boost your imagination.

The protective camera case providers over at Peli UK have put together a list of unusual photography niches. Take a look below for 7 unique photography niches worth considering!

1. Technology photography

Man with Virtual Reality Headset On

With an increasing number of gadgets and gizmos in our daily lives, tech photographers are increasingly in demand. Technology photographers capture "technology in use" for promotional images.

They may also be required to take product photography to help these items look their best.

2. Birth photography

7 Unique Photography Niches Worth Considering Birth

Birth photography is a growing niche. It is particularly popular in the US but growing in the UK and Europe too. A birth photographer will accompany an expectant mother to the hospital and capture images of the labour and birth, which can be treasured forever.

Although definitely profitable, working hours with birth photography can be unpredictable. Babies can arrive at any time of day or night!

3. Animal photography

7 Unique Photography Niches Worth Considering Animals

Animal photography is a great niche to consider. Particularly if you’re fond of furry friends, both big and small! Shooting animals may include pet portraits, taking promotional images of champion racehorses or photographing advertising campaigns for a wide range of companies.

You’ll need to be good with animals for this niche. You will also need to be comfortable dealing with a range of critters large and small.

4. Music photography

7 Unique Photography Niches Worth Considering Music

Music photography, which involves capturing images of artists, shows, festivals and other live events is a really exciting and interesting niche to get into. This genre of photography can be challenging though. Particularly as you’ll only normally be able to take a small amount of equipment to events.

It can also be hard to break into as a beginner. Despite this, music photography has a lot of perks - think free tickets or passes to see a variety of artists!

5. Dating profile photography

7 Unique Photography Niches Worth Considering Dating

Although unusual, dating profile photography is a growing niche. It's evolving with individuals making a profitable business out of helping people look their best for their dating profiles.

With the rise of dating apps and websites, this niche is only set to grow. It is definitely one to consider for the future.

6. Stock photography

7 Unique Photography Niches Worth Considering Stock

Stock photography is a great option for freelance or hobby photographers to add a recurring income to their pockets each month. Stock photographers take images which are then purchased by individuals or companies via sites such as ShutterStock.

These are generally to be used for their own projects. Shooting stock is a good way to make a small, recurring monthly income and boost your exposure.

7. Product photography

7 Unique Photography Niches Worth Considering Product

Product photography is always in demand. You’ll be required to take photographs of items, to be used on websites and in catalogues, or for promotional materials. This is a great niche to consider if you’re looking for a steady stream of income from multiple clients.

Hopefully this list has given you some food for thought, and inspired you to widen your horizons in photography!

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