November 8, 2014

Super Micro Photography

Enter the World of the Micro-Thingies!

Once you have been photographing the world around you for a few years, you may sometimes become uninspired. You go out with your camera not really knowing what to shoot or where to go. Everything seems so "samey". So what do you do in this situation to get inspired?

New horizons, fresh ideas and stunning photography from the people below may well open up for you so please read on...

Super Micro Photography

Photo: Frederic Labaune of France c/o Business Insider

Do you ever get bored with photographing the world around you see it? If so, there are a few options available to you to ease the boredom:

  • Play with time lapse
  • Explore with light (light painting for example)
  • Fiddle with filters and effects etc

However, there is one area that not many people venture into but when they do, they are hooked!

Micro photography

Not to be mistaken for macro photography where you work on a 1:1 ratio much of the time. Super micro photography takes you much deeper and closer into this strange world. Micro photography gives you an almost infinite realm of subject matter and things to explore.

Much like underwater photography in our vast oceans, micro photography takes you to another place entirely. There are things in this micro world that remain unseen to us in everyday life. However, when you attach your camera to a microscope, it's like a new universe opens up before you to explore.

In the link below, Nikon announce the winners of it's "small world" contest which was won by Panamanian Rogelio Moreno. Rogelio won with his stunning and rare image of a Rotifier.

I won't post any more images here but please head over to the page below where you can see this wonderful world of tiny things. Beautiful!

Get inspired, check out the 2014 Photomicrography Competition at:

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