October 21, 2015

How to Sell Your Photos Online

Make Money Selling Your Photos Online

Make Money Selling Your Photos Online

I felt compelled to write this blog post after seeing an online course. A course that charges $200 to teach you how to sell your photos online through stock photography. I wrote my course a few years ago and used to charge for it (not enough it seems). However, I have now made it free for everyone (for now, more on that in a minute).

I'm a member of the website this guy was selling the course through. I received an email offer to take the course for just $8 and curiosity got the better of me. Therefore I thought "I might learn something new" so I enrolled.


I hate to bad mouth anyone out there looking to make a living but this course was dreadful. Nowhere did the author state or prove how much money he had made from selling stock photography himself. It simply seemed like a very basic course created just to make money.

99% of the videos were simply the author talking to camera with a white background. No practical demonstrations, no location or studio shoots, no screen recordings.

I do things differently at All Things Photography : )

My course was written after having sold stock photography online for more than 6 years (now 10 years). I went far and wide on location as well as in the studio to create in-depth videos on exactly what you need to learn to sell stock photos online:

  • Agencies to use
  • Equipment needed
  • Camera settings
  • Lighting set ups
  • How to get creative ideas
  • What sells and what doesn't
  • How to keyword and describe your images
  • and a lot moreā€¦

I have been selling stock photos online for more than 10 years now and have made well into 6 figures. In fact I am still actively involved and am about to buy a huge, solid state hard drive. This is to deal with the amount of stock I am producing and uploading right now. This is still a good industry to get into, especially video.

You can see the full course over at our members section which is still free at the moment so please make the most of it if you want to know how to sell your photos online!

In the future, I will be adding a further course on how to sell online video clips. So, please sign up to our newsletter to be informed when this is ready.

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I hope you take the time to watch this course and please share this with your friends whilst it is still 100% free. Thanks and good luck!

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