July 1, 2008

Wedding Photography Blueprint

New and Highly Detailed Wedding Photography Tutorial Product on Offer to Early Birds for 30% Discount

Wedding Photography Blueprint (written by All Things Photography) is offering a huge 30% discount for their opening week of sales due to launch at the end of July 2008. This is to encourage anyone "sitting on the fence" with regards to starting their own wedding photography business, to act now.

Wedding Photography Blueprint

The discount is only for their opening week of sales due to launch at the end of July 2008.

The Wedding Photography Blueprint is one of the most in depth and informative wedding photography tutorial systems for sale. It comprises of footage taken from a full, 2 day wedding photography course. It also includes an actual wedding in order to give you a full and comprehensive understanding of what to expect.

Plus what to do and how to do it when shooting weddings.

Intertwined at various and well timed intervals throughout, are screen recordings of sometimes problematic images being worked on in Photoshop. This helps to salvage excellent looking wedding photos from somewhat mediocre RAW files (basically, cock-ups). These are placed alongside many other traditional Photoshopping tutorials.

These include the use of recommended software and add-ons to make your images really stand out from the crowd.

About Nick Stubbs

The author and professional photographer behind the project is Nick Stubbs. Nick is a seasoned, full time professional with over 25 years experience. He has used Medium format, SLR's and DSLR's to shoot weddings, portraits, stock and commercial work.

Nick understands the fears and reservations people may have about going it alone as a wedding photographer. He also understands the buzz and excitement this career path can take.

"Many people are sometimes put off by what they read online or hear at their local camera club about shooting weddings. What we are trying to do is alleviate that fear and encourage all beginners to get involved. By producing a highly detailed blueprint, this will act as a complete foundation course upon which they can build their own style over time."

What's Included?

As well as the above, the DVD set also includes;

  • An in depth 70 page eBook with set tasks and “homework” to keep you on your toes
  • All you need to know about camera and flash settings needed throughout the day. This will ensure you get the “safe” shots before playing with natural light and more artistic shots
  • Editing Tips and tricks to salvage poorly exposed, must have shots
  • Low light photography
  • Flash and natural light photography
  • Group shots
  • Interviews with other successful wedding photographers
  • An interview with a wedding couple about their wants and needs from their wedding photographer
  • Plus much more…

If you want more information you can visit their website homepage. Go to Wedding Photography Blueprint

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