January 19, 2022

Canon EOS R5C Body Images and Specs

Ok Canon, we know you're back but there's no need to show off! A Canon hybrid camera worth looking at.

Canon EOS R5C Front No Lens

Canon EOS R5C In a Nutshell

The Canon EOS R5C is the video-centric version of it's sibling the Canon EOS R5. Whilst the latter is focussed on the professional photographer, the R5C is heavily geared towards the filmmaker. The specs of the EOS R5C are very impressive and will no doubt make a lot of people, looking for the perfect hybrid mirrorless camera, happy.

Canon EOS R5C Rear

Canon EOS R5C Premiere Video

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Canon EOS R5C Specifications (Weight: 1.7lbs/680g)


  • 45MP Stills Full Frame (8192 x 5464)
  • 1/8000th to 30 Seconds
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF with Eye Detection & iTR AF X
  • Phase Detection AF: 1053 Focus Points
  • JPEG/C-RAW, 12-Bit
  • CFexpress Type-B and SD UHS-II Slots
  • ISO 100 to 51,200/102,400
  • Image stabilisation: 5-Axis Electronic

From a photographers' perspective, these specs are superb. In fact they have me thinking about finally selling the 5D IV and grabbing one. 

45mp with high quality at low ISO, superb autofocus and 2 card slots. More than enough for weddings, landscapes, stock, commercial and portraits.


  • Cinema RAW Light 8K up to 59.94fps
  • DCI/UHD 8K RAW 12-Bit up to 29,97fps
  • DCI/UHD 4K up to 120fps
  • 4:2:2: 10-Bit
  • Canon Log 3, HDR-HLG, HDR-PQ, Rec2020, Rec709
  • Micro-HDMI Output
  • Free-Angle Tilting 3.2", 2.1m, Dot Touchscreen LCD
  • Dynamic range: Canon Log 3 (14 stops)

As a filmmaker, having a Canon camera with decent heat dissipation is very welcome. Having it on my S1H means much longer record times in 6k.

Couple that with 12-bit 8K RAW (light) up to 60fps using Canon's amazing Dual Pixel AF and you've got one hell of a hybrid camera!

Canon Hybrid EOS R5C

Body Shape and Fan

As you can see in the image above, the overall body shape is fairly small apart from that big air intake/outlet. This is there to ensure no overheating when shooting high frame rates and/or high 8k resolution. If you remember, the Canon EOS R5 had its own heating issues.

Canon Hybrid EOS R5C Sides

Having used the Panasonic S1H with a similar "bulk" for a while, I can say the extra weight is worth it. Again, this camera is geared towards filmmakers so this shouldn't be an issue but more of a welcome addition.

Summary After a Brief Look at the Canon EOS R5C

On paper and specs, and without actually holding one, this Canon hybrid is a very significant release. Personally, it ticks all the right boxes for what I need.

Superb stills using arguably the best AF system in the business. 8K RAW video at 60fps with heat dissipation, enhanced image stabilisation, superb AF and a feature rich menu.

I am seriously considering this camera as I am confident it is perfect for everything I do in my business. 

  1. 1
    Wedding photography
  2. 2
    Property photography
  3. 3
  4. 4
    Stock photo and video
  5. 5
    Filming YouTube reviews and tutorials
  6. 6
    Corporate video
  7. 7
    Maybe even drone work

As I did with the Panasonic S1H, I may well borrow or rent one for a week prior to purchase. However, with Canon's (more recent) history, dependability and reputation, I may bypass that. 

Do you need 8k video? Check out this section of my S1H review to see how larger video resolutions can be useful.

Difference Between the Canon EOS R5C and EOS R5

As far as I can see the main differences are indeed to do with video. The R5C gives you "lighter" 10-bit video, interlaced video, timecode (DIN 1.0/2.3), 3 more assignable buttons and unlimited recording. 

I think the unlimited recording, lighter 8k video and timecode will all be welcomed with open arms.

More Information and Where to Buy

B & H Photovideo are currently taking pre-orders and the price is $4,499. I suspect these will fly out of the door when in stock. Check their page out for more information on the Canon R5C along with purchase options.

Accessories for the EOS R5C

More Info at Canon's Website

Canon EOS R5C Top

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