January 5, 2022

Liber Pocket Video Light

The Liber Pocket Video Light is a powerful, magnetic, versatile, high quality and surprisingly small LED light panel packed with creative features.

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Liber Pocket Video Light Rating + Summary 

95% Overall

Everything from the packaging (box) through to the abundance of features is spot on. The only reason I reduced the ratings below are due to slight problems getting the app to work and of course, everything could be cheaper these days. In all fairness though, these lights come highly recommended for everyone from film-makers to vloggers, Tik Tok 'ers and online influencers.


The Liber Pocket Video Light

Small LED Light Panel

I am a big fan of photo and video lighting. I have a ton of various lighting equipment in my office from the large studio Aputure 120d to the tiny Lume Cubes, panel lights and more. All of them have their uses but none of them match what the Liber Pocket Video Light from Pixel can do!

Weighing in at just 65g and dimensions of 6.3 x 5.24 x 1.42 inches, this thing is compact but holds so many features. It is also robust and made from metal and not cheap, breakable plastic. The included diffuser also protects the light whilst softening the light beautifully.

This Small LED Light Panel Features...

Pixel have packed so many features into such a small light. As well as the standard lighting set ups, the Liber Pocket Light has an abundance of creative possibilities.

It has a built in 3,000 mAh battery powering 66 lamp beads with infinite colour combinations. The light will run for around 90 minutes (my real-time test got 98 minutes...1hr 38m) at full brightness and power without getting hot. Warm...a little. Hot...no. 

Edit: The Liber light took slightly longer than I thought to charge from depleted to full. 1hr 50mins.

You can also power the Liber LED light indefinitely via an external power source and the USC Type-C cable.

Liber Pocket Video Light Battery Power

So, you can enjoy all the features below for as long as you like!

Where You Can Put It!

Small LED Light Panel Placements

As well as fitting neatly in any pocket, the Liber Pocket Video Light can be placed just about anywhere. From most camera hot shoes using the included cold shoe mount, to fridges, cars and any magnetic surface. It works well on small tripod stands for Tik Tok, Instagram and vlogging videos too.

Video and Small LED Lighting

I know that this is an area where I may use a small LED light panel the most. Either with a Go Pro camera or my main Panasonic S1H, these will come in very handy. As mentioned in the video, I already tried two of these at night and was suitably impressed. However, a higher ISO was needed on the S1H.

Using Liber Pocket LEDs on a Mirrorless Camera

If you are vlogging, just one light is easily enough and the diffuser works really well. My favourite styles for creative work are the "Cinema", "Police" and "Candlelight" settings. 

Photography Using a Small LED Light Panel

Unless you want to use high ISO's, the Pixel Liber Pocket Lights are not bright enough for standard portraits. However, using them fairly close to your subject, approximately 3-4 feet away, they can create some very nice effects.

Portrait of girl using multi coloured lighting
Portrait of a man using a small LED light panel
Portrait with subdued lighting using a small LED light panel

If shooting product photography, the lights in my opinion are very good. With almost unlimited colour options, two or more lights can work well. Also, low ISO's and slower shutter speeds shouldn't be a problem if you use a tripod.

Product photography using Pixel Liber Pocket Light

The pocket lights are also perfect for eBay product photography as they are ready to go quickly and very easy to set up. Again, I would recommend getting two lights if you can afford it. You won't be sorry.

The App

Liber Video Light App

The App is available for both Android (PIXEL Link) and iOS (Liber LCS). It is free, easy to use and can do everything the unit can do and more. 

I must admit though, I had some "teething" problems with it. I couldn't get the Android app to work at all. It would install but I couldn't connect it with Bluetooth. Pixel informed me that they are working on the Liber LCS app for Android as we speak.

The iOS app worked fine although it took quite a while for my ageing iPad Mini 4 to find it via Bluetooth. That is probably more to do with the iPad than the app. However, once working, it is a breeze to use and incredibly helpful when shooting. 

I could set up self-portraits and operate my camera and the lights without getting out of my chair! Use the QR codes below or from the Pixel website to download the apps.

Liber Video Light Specs

Liber Video Light Specs 1
Liber Video Light Specs
Small LED Light Panel



  • Small and highly portable
  • Feature rich
  • Good, solid construction
  • Reasonably priced
  • Fun to use


  • App can be problematic
  • Magnet a "little" weak

Overall, the Liber Pocket Video Light is a must for any filmmaker, photographer, influencer, Tik Tok 'er, Instagram 'er or YouTuber. The features and functionality along with it's powerful portability make this a worthy buy.

However, when asked to review these small LED Light panels, I requested two lights as I feel having two Liber Pocket Lights makes more sense. Two worked well for the opening clip in the review video and for product photography, two is definitely better.

The Liber light is actually cheaper than one of its closest rivals yet has way more features. 

One caveat is to be aware that the magnetic "force" isn't as strong as I'd like. Be careful when attaching it and make sure it is stable. Either use two of the supplied metallic patches and/or take off the diffuser to lower the weight.


This light won't fit on my DJI Air 2s but it may, at a pinch, fit to the bottom of the Mavic 3 due to the larger ground clearance. The light will though, fit on most of the larger drones for some more creative video work.

However, I am not sure how far the Bluetooth signal will work so best to take off with the light already set up.

Other products I have used from Pixel in the past include the external flash battery pack. I used this for many, many weddings.

Highly recommended. Please leave a comment below and like/share/comment and subscribe on the YouTube video. Thanks : )

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