November 17, 2015

DJI Inspire 1 X5 Professional Sample Video Clips

Well, I finally got to the fly the DJI X5 Professional M43 camera!

Post updated January 2018: We're having storm after storm in the UK with super high winds which has grounded a lot of UAV pilots. However, there was a very short break yesterday when the winds dropped to a 1000mph. So, I braved the possibility of rain and headed over to the beach to get some X5 sample video clips.

X5 Sample Video

I just wanted to literally hover the Inspire 1 with X5 Pro at no more than a few meters. I wanted to get a couple of clips and still photos to make sure I hadn't spent close to £2k on a duff piece of kit.

X5 Professional and Olympus Zuiko 12mm F2 lens

I was a little concerned after seeing less than sharp, high quality footage hitting YouTube recently.

I only got in an 11 minute flight from the TB48 5700mAh battery. However, I did take off at 95% and land at 31%. I think with a full charge and landing at 30%, I could get 12-13 minutes in that high wind. Perhaps even 14-15 minutes in fairer weather conditions.

Anyway, see the video below for some 4K clips and a couple of stills. They are both straight from camera and partly edited. See what I think of this new set up for the DJI Inspire 1.

X5 sample video

Oh, and please share with anyone you know that is thinking of buying the DJI Inspire 1 and/or X5 Professional camera (and Olympus Zuiko 12mm F2 lens).

Edit: Well, I think the calibration problem as seen at the start of the above video is solved…and so simply.

I just added the Panasonic ND filter to the lens and started the Inspire 1 up. The lens calibrated perfectly and didn't drop out like before.

Also, the "Calibrate IMU" alert disappeared too (although I have calibrated it now anyway).

Seems the slight variation in weight distribution is enough to send the gimbal into a spin. I wish Heliguy or DJI would explain all this when they take your money and send out sensitive products.

For more tips and tutorials on this and other movie-related things, check out our video page.

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