April 13, 2017

Metabones Firmware Update 2.7 for Panasonic GH5 and Canon EF Lenses

Your Canon EF lenses will now work when using the Metabones Speedbooster adapter

Metabones Firmware Update 2.7

Metabones Firmware Update 2.7 - Post updated January 2018: If you already used the Panasonic GH4 with a Metabones Speedbooster to use all your lovely Canon lenses with, you know just how great this can be. Especially for video in my case.

The image quality from the GH4 with Canon glass is exceptional.

When I bought the new Panasonic GH5, I was blown away by the 4K 60p and 4K 25p 10-bit 4:2:2 quality. Therefore, I was looking forward to adding my Canon lenses.

You may have read that the Metabones Speedbooster Canon EF to M43 wouldn't work properly when attached to the new GH5. The output would be fine when at the lens's shortest focal length (16mm of the 16-35mm 2.8 L for example) but when you zoomed in, the screen would go blank.

I noticed that it would still record ok but that is useless if you cannot see what you are doing. The workaround in some cases was to push in the aperture button of the Speedbooster when attaching the lens. Then press it again to activate once the lens was mounted.

Metabones Support

After speaking with Metabones about this, I got an email this morning with news of the firmware update fix. I have now updated and am happy to report that all is well in Metabones/Canon/GH5 land!

The Metabones Firmware Update 2.7 covers: 

Metabones Firmware Update 2.7
Metabones Firmware Update 2.7
  • Micro Four Thirds (Blackmagic, JVC, Olympus and Panasonic)
  • E-mount (Sony)
  • FZ-mount (Sony)

Here is that email with details on how to update your firmware…

Dear Nick,

The new firmware against GH5 has just been launched, please kindly update the latest firmware (MetabonesAppV2.7) and try again, the related information and download links as below:

http://www.metabones.com/article/of/contact-us (LINKS TO FIRMWARE ON THIS PAGE)

Update Log – MFT version 2.70

  • Support servo zoom, autofocus and auto iris with Canon CN-E 18-80 T4.4 on Blackmagic, JVC and Panasonic (but not Olympus). AF function may require external 5V power supply into the micro USB port of the Speed Booster/Smart Adapter.
  • GX7 and GX8 may choose IBIS for still photo and OIS for motion picture by setting the IS switch of the lens OFF, turn on the camera, and then turn on the IS switch of the lens.
  • Improves smooth iris response time with Tamron SP 15-30/2.8 VC USD A012.
  • Adds GH5 support.
  • An irreversible change will be made to the following products which limits the ability to downgrade to version 2.65 but not any further back, even if you have a copy of an older version of Metabones App: Canon EF-BMCC T Speed Booster Adapter (model number MB_SPEF-BMCC-BM1/MB_SPEF-BMCC-BT1), Canon EF-BMPCC T Speed Booster Adapter (model number MB_SPEF-BMPCC-BM1/MB_SPEF-BMPCC-BT1), Canon EF-Micro Four Thirds Speed Booster (model number MB_SPEF-M43-BM1), Canon EF-Micro Four Thirds Speed Booster S (model number MB_SPEF-M43-BM2) and Canon EF-Micro Four Thirds T Speed Booster XL 0.64x Adapter (model number MB_SPEF-M43-BT3)

Please feel free to contact me if you have any question. Thank you. Great service, great company and great product.

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