October 17, 2011

Super Slow Motion Video

Testing Super Slow Motion Effects in After Effects

Slow Motion Video

Playing with my other big toys (video camera not stills camera) was the order of the day this week. I have been learning to render super slow motion video footage in After effects. Learning about video editing is as complex as Photoshop was when I started but also just as interesting.

It is also exciting, mind-boggling and totally frustrating at times and I love it!

Still, I am hoping that all this will be another string to my bow. I will be adding tutorials to ATP as and when and if people want to see them. Especially so if you have video on your DSLR. There is plenty to learn, use and utilize for your clients, especially weddings.

Below is a quick clip of some footage from Sunday when the annual motocross event was held on Weymouth beach. Always a fantastic day out and great to watch. I have also just ordered a new, small and cool HD video camera that straps to anything.

Go Pro

The Go Pro camera will fix to your head, chest, arms, car bonnet, skateboard, monkey, seagull…anything. It takes full HD footage that can be slowed as well as a bunch of time lapse options.

I feel as though I am back in my youth and making special time to learn new tricks. You have to stay ahead of the game you know! Here is some footage. Apart from the intro (I filmed a wasp at the moto-x), the slow motion starts at 1:01.

Footage shot with Sony PMW EX1 at 720p, 60fps, 500th/sec shutter speed, zero gain (ISO increase) and manual everything else. Slowed down in parts to the equivalent of 1500fps (frames per second).

(Still getting some nasty artifacts but working on it. Best watched at 720p)!

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Slow Motion, Super Slow Motion

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