March 2, 2017

Vegas Pro 14: Layout and Interface

An Introduction to Vegas Pro 14 Video Editing Software

Vegas Pro 14 Post Updated January 2018: Vegas has been around since "Vegas Video 1.0" way back in 2000. I bought my first version, Sony Vegas Pro 8, back in 2007 when I started to really delve into digital and HD video.

After version 13.0, Sony handed over the reigns of Vegas to a company called Magix. They then finally released the long awaited Vegas Pro 14 which I now use.

Vegas Pro just about fits in the professional category of video editors and rightly so. It is actually a pretty powerful editor with:

Vegas Pro 14
  • Excellent audio features
  • Fast, GPU accelerated 4K processing and rendering
  • A simple interface and user experience
  • Plenty of online support from its users

The plan is for me to add more video editing tutorials, tips and tricks in both Vegas Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. Hopefully, I can encourage more people to start not only shooting more video but to get creative with what you have captured.

Things I will cover include:

  • Basic edits (brightness, contrast etc)
  • Colour correction
  • Cutting, splicing and merging clips
  • Making/choosing the best audio tracks and importing music
  • Correcting audio (removing "errms and errs" for example)
  • Adding text
  • Removing noise or grain from footage
  • Fades, transitions and video effects
  • Importing and using stills in Vegas
  • Slow motion footage
  • ...and more, including this video

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