May 26, 2020

Holy Grail Time Lapse

How to shoot day-to-night time lapse photography

Holy Grail Time Lapse Photography

Holy grail time lapse photography is the term given to the process of photographing the transition from day to night. To be effective, this has to be seamless and smooth with no exposure fluctuations. The end result is a stunning time lapse that shows the sun setting and stars moving through the sky in one, relatively short time lapse.

The one thing that the lockdown we find ourselves in has given me is time! I find myself with enough spare time to be able to enjoy photography like I used to. Just me and my camera. We are also blessed with superb summer weather right now with clear nights.

So my thoughts turned to time lapses and the Holy Grail time lapse technique in particular. Done right, this effect can produce some amazing time lapses with my favourite being the stars and Milky Way. Anyone with a DSLR or mirrorless camera with manual settings can do this so why not give it a try?

Holy Grail Time Lapse Software

This is quite a tricky process and requires a time and some heavy processing but there are ways to ease the process. I decided to record the entire process and technique from the shoot and settings through to the processing and incredible Lightroom-based time lapse software used.

I hope you find this useful as it took a fair while to record and prepare. If you do, please share with anyone you know who might like to start shooting holy grail time lapses!

You never know, you may be able to sell them as stock video if they're good enough.

Grab a coffee and a snack and go to the the full lesson: Holy Grail Time Lapse Tutorial

Day to Night Time Lapse Photography

The time lapse in the tutorial was shot at Newton's Cove in Weymouth, Dorset UK. A beautiful location in southern England with a sheltered bay and Nothe Fort on the hill. 

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