September 23, 2006

Wedding Photography Season

Silly Season Draws to a Close

Wow! What a busy wedding photography season...and I don't just mean busy, I mean BUSY!

If I'm not shooting weddings or commercial jobs it is up at 7.30am anyway. Then straight on the computer for a full days processing or uploading/keywording stock images until 8 or 9pm.

Bride Getting Ready

It is only this morning when I looked out of the window, I actually got that "excited" feeling. The same feeling I got when I was a teenager just getting into photography. The sun is rising, it looks like it will be sunny and an Eagle is soaring and circling in the distance.

My immediate thoughts were, "I want the new Sigma 300-800mm lens for wildlife". Then, "I want to go out and shoot stock photography all weekend". Finally, "I want to redesign my websites with the new images, skills and experience I have acquired over the summer".

I am 40 next year and I felt like a big kid again. Like I had rekindled the love of photography all over and to a new level. Photography "work" had got in the way of photography "fun", although sometimes they do overlap which is nice.

Communication and Motivation

Most days I speak to my brother who is a photographer in Lincoln and we inspire and motivate each other. Or (if I get the chance) I browse other photographers' sites and galleries for ideas and motivation.

Unfortunately today I have visitors in the morning and lunchtime followed by a short wedding at 4pm. As a result, this means more processing on Sunday so there goes another weekend!

Whether you are new to photography or a seasoned pro, it is so important to take time out. Make time to simply go and shoot for the fun of it...all work and no play etc

It is too easy to overkill and burn out your love of photography by just working all the time:

  1. 1
    It becomes a chore and you forget why you got into weddings
  2. 2
    Your camera becomes a tool rather than a creative outlet

So if you are thinking of doing this for a living, remember to always set aside some time to snap away just for fun.

Stock Photography

A great way of doing this is shooting stock photography. You can either wander about for hours shooting away in the city or countryside or you can brainstorm ideas and see them through to the final image which is a real buzz. Especially when they start selling.

Anyway, I just wanted to make a post this morning to let people know I am still alive. I will be more active with the site adding tons of new stuff over the winter so "don't be a stranger"!

Wedding Photography Season
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