January 7, 2016

Latest X5 Footage Quality. Have I Cracked It?

Sharper Image Settings for DJI Inspire 1 and X5 Camera

After testing the Panasonic GH4 and DJI X5 side by side, I was still a little uneasy about the DJI X5 video quality so I did another test.

This time I used the following camera settings and you can see the results below (play at 4K for best viewing).

DJI X5 Video Quality
  • Exposure Setting: Manual
  • Video Size: 4K, 25p
  • Video Format: MP4/PAL
  • White Balance: AWB
  • Style: Custom with +3 sharpness and 0 for everything else
  • Colour: None
  • Exposure: 50th/sec, f5.6, ISO 100

During post production, I adjusted the levels, brightness and contrast and added a little sharpening. I also added a touch of noise reduction using Neat Video and the results were way better this time.

Note: Next I plan to shoot in a flat mode (D-Log…very flat…or D-Cinelike)

The short clip was then rendered out at 4K, 25fps, MP4 with a bit rate of 135mbps using Sony Vegas Pro. I did this as Vimeo like 120mbps for their new 4K uploads. There may be some possible artefacting from over sharpening so I might need to fine tune.

The filming was done quickly in the car park of our guesthouse in Weymouth. This was because the X5 had fairly high dynamic range issues with bright sun on the wall and dark shadows under the car. All in all I think the X5 performed better this time and the output is much sharper.

Whenever you buy a new camera, test it like crazy. Don't go out for a quick walk taking snapshots only to be disappointed in the results. Really push the camera. Experiment. Practice!

Best watched in 4K. Go to 24 seconds for a still shot to check out sharpness and dynamic range. Clip is a little "jolty" but that may be the refresh rate of my aging monitor.

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