April 18, 2012

Canon Admits “Light Leak” in EOS 5D Mark III

Canon DSLR Light Leak - Top LCD Panel Alters Exposure Reading

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Canon have today acknowledged a possible design flaw with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. This flaw allows light to leak into the body which may adversely affect metering in some situations. It is unclear at the moment as to whether a firmware update will fix this DSLR light leak. They are considering whether to reduce or limit the abilities of the metering system in some way

Maybe a recall to fix each camera is the best method for fixing the issue.

What is the issue?

The problem is that light is possibly leaking through the top LCD panel which alters the exposure reading. Similarly, light can get into the viewfinder causing a similar effect when you don't have your face right up to the eye-piece.

Consequently, when shooting subjects with the camera high above my head for example, I put my finger over the eyepiece. Whether this is a similar and relatively non-problematic issue or whether it conceals something a little more "sinister" we will have to wait and see.

Either way, this could be bad news for Canon at a time when so many new and exciting cameras are being unleashed onto the market. Only because the majority of people on the web take what is written (by anyone) as done and dusted.

I have learned to take such things with a pinch of salt over the past few years. This is probably no big deal but it does make me think. Companies in their haste to release products before their competitors, run the risk of producing sub-standard quality at such high prices.

My advice?

If you have the camera and all seems well, carry on regardless and wait until Canon make further announcements. I am sure their guys are far better at testing this issue than some faceless bod sitting at their desk a million miles away. If you really can see a difference or problem with this issue, I suggest you wait to hear Canon's next report.

You can read their statement here:

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