September 17, 2011

West Country Photography Walkabout

Members of ATP Hit Dorset on a Fun Day Out

First day of our two day West Country Photography Walkabout and it started off with torrential rain at 7am this morning. Eventually cleared for our trip to Portland Bill where we had a great 3 hours shooting all manner of what-not! Lunch in a nearby pub where it rained again but as soon as we made it to Weymouth beach, it cleared and the sun came out again.

Had a coffee in a nearby café where it rained again but as we left…the sun came out for the rest of the afternoon! The photography Gods were certainly looking down and shining on us! Got some great shots, as did everyone else by the looks of it and (I think) a great day was had by all.

Heading off to Enzo's Italian restaurant tonight for a hearty slap up meal (table for 15) followed by a very early start in the morning to hopefully get a sunrise over at Durdle Door/Lulworth Cove. In the afternoon it is all back to my house for some studio fun plus some grungy portraits in a nearby run down shack!

Martin and Claire at Portland Bill

Photographers in Dorset

Playing with off camera flash at Portland lighthouse

Posing in Front on Portland Bill Lighthouse

West Country Photography - Portland Bill

Portland Bill is a superb location in Dorset for photographers. The rugged coastline and great, colourful architecture of the lighthouse gives you a ton of photo opportunities.

We were lucky enough to have a model for the day by the way of a member's husband Chris. If you get the chance to use models, do so as it makes photography that much more fun on location. Try companies that offer TFP or time for prints whereby new aspiring models work for free or thereabouts.

15 second long exposure using "big stopper" ND filter

West Country Photography Long Exposures

15 second long exposure using "big stopper" ND filter

Portland Bill Photography Long Exposures

Long Exposure Photography

For effective long exposure photography, you really need something that is moving in the frame. This will give the impression of time passing by so look out for:

  • Moving clouds
  • Water such as the ocean
  • People walking
  • Trees swaying
  • Smoke from a chimney

Also, if you don't have one already, get yourself an ND (neutral density) filter. This allows you to darken the scene without affecting any colours too much but will give you a slower shutter speed.

The slow shutter speed will allow objects to move across the sensor during exposure giving the blurry effect. You will also need a sturdy tripod to prevent camera movement.

I use the amazing Breakthrough Neutral Density Filters. They are expensive but have been proven to give the best colour rendition of the scene you are photographing. This prevents disappointment when you get home and have to colour correct everything.

Crazy Fisherman on Portland Bill

Fisherman at Portland Bill

ATP Members shooting crazy fisherman at Portland Bill

Photographers at Portland Bills Lighthouse and Rocks

ATP Members in front of Portland lighthouse

A Group of Members from All Things Photography

More images from our West Country Photography Walkabout below : )

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