September 18, 2011

Day 2 West Country Walkabout

Grunge Photography in a Barn

West Country Walkabout Gallery 1

It is now late evening and I am totally shattered after this weekend and West Country walkabout. But what a great weekend it was! 

Today was a complete contrast to yesterday in that we stayed indoors at two locations. One was a run down shack next to our house in Chickerell. Then, in the afternoon, we went in the studio next to my house (with a good pub lunch in between of course)!

We used some Quadra rangers lighting in the old derelict barn followed by some more natural light stuff. Both worked really well and then we went back to the studio to play with "isolated" photography.

This involves getting the background white whilst keeping the subject well lit (for stock mainly). Then we switched to the complete opposite. We now concentrated on getting the background pure black with some really low level, key-line lighting.

Kit used (other than DSLR's):

Always keep your eyes peeled for grungy or fun photography locations. This old barn had been sitting derelict in the field opposite our house for years. There was no-one to ask, no accountability so we simply used it for our photo-shoot.

Even if you are dead set on shooting natural light, there is no harm in learning to use studio or flash lighting. Adding your own lighting can make for some cool effects and you also have light "on tap".

A big thanks to everyone who came along on our West Country Walkabout and a special thanks to the two models. Chris and Amanda put in a huge effort over the two days, here's to the next meet!

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