June 19, 2017

Review of the Sirui P-324S Monopod

Photography, Video, Table Top. The Sirui P-324SR Has it Covered!

If you use any type of camera from a Smartphone to a full professional video camera, you need a tripod. Maybe something like the Sirui P-324S Monopod illustrated and reviewed below. A tripod or monopod is useful for shooting:

  • In low light
  • Star trails
  • Time lapses
  • Stop motion
  • Panoramas
  • Any video clips

Trying to shoot any of the above is asking for trouble. Sure, you may have a super steady hand but you are also relying on everything else to work. What if someone bumps into you at the crucial moment? Or a gust of wind nudges the tripod slightly during a time lapse?

Maybe you have spent hours on a stop motion clip and the dog jumps up and nudges your camera. You thought that placing the camera precariously on a pile of books would be ok but the dog had other ideas!

I have many tripods already but have been looking for something portable, strong and reliable...

Sirui P-324S Monopod
Sirui P-324S Monopod

This is just what I have been looking for for a while. A stable monopod that fits in somewhere amongst my super heavy professional Manfrotto video tripod and my smaller Manfrotto stills tripod.

The P-324SR monopod also has a few tricks up its sleeve...check out out latest review:

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