What Are Your Photography Goals?

With all this information, what is next for you?

Photography Goals

Your Future? Your Photography Dreams?

Hopefully by now you have read this entire section. You hopefully have a better understanding of the incredible depth that there is to photography. Not just in the amount of learning that is involved but the sheer scope and possibilities that await you! Time to set your photography goals!

Your own skills as they emerge will tend to steer you in a certain direction career wise, whilst your passion for photography may take you elsewhere. Try to focus on what you want to achieve in terms of your career (if that is what you want) or just that of your own personal satisfaction.

Photography Goals for Work

Would you like to make a career out of photography? Do you know which avenue you would like to take?

If so, study as much as you can in that area. Look at how current photographers work in that field, look at that industry. How can you get your foot in the door? Do you have a portfolio of your absolute best work or can you start to get one together?

I was approached recently by a man wanting to change careers. His photography goals were to (with the blessing of his family) pursue a career in wedding and portrait photography. He asked if there was anything I could do to help him on his way before they move back to the UK this year.

He happened to catch me at a quiet time of the year for weddings (February). I agreed to meet up with him for a chat and hopefully give some advice. He may even assist me at my next wedding which is the best way to start out.

What can you do?

Write to a few professional photographers near you and ask the same question. You may receive a few blanks but then you may just get someone at the right time. Read more and more, take pictures, look at other peoples work for inspiration.

Learn Photoshop and generally immerse yourself in the world of photography. There is a lot of competition out there for you to contend with but persistence, dedication and determination will always pay off.

Take your camera everywhere with you. For one, people around you will start to take you more seriously and may well start recommending you to their friends, secondly, you will undoubtedly come across situations where you can increase your portfolio.

Photography Goals for Fun

You may just be reading this book with the intention of simply improving your skills as a casual, hobbyist or part-time photographer. Even so, you will always find areas in which you can improve, especially as technology keeps throwing new and exciting "spanners" in the works.

You may find that as you progress and improve, that you think "Hey! Why shouldn’t I make more of a career from this"?

You may want to exhibit your work in a gallery or a local restaurant. Both are great ways to expose (or show off) your work to the public and you may well even sell a few.

If you have got the bug bad enough for you to read this book/section, you are well on the way. Photography will probably stay with you for most of your life so enjoy it!

Footnote: This book/section took over 6 months to get together, if you have found it in the least bit useful, maybe you would be so kind as to let us know by giving us a comment below. And or alternatively, please share this with your friends below!

Your comment could be a question or suggestion for future articles, training, reviews and so on. Fill yer boots!

Good luck and all the best,

Nick Stubbs

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