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How do you decide what to shoot?

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Landscapes, sports, people, commercial, weddings, still life/studio, stock?

Some people when starting out in photography have an idea or particular passion that they wish to follow. You may already be involved in the fashion or sports industry. Therefore you may well wish to continue but to also incorporate your photography somehow.

For most of us, it is just the passion that drives us. Plus the willingness to photograph anything and everything to try and emulate the beautiful images that we see everywhere. Or it may be to simply stamp our own individual photographic style on a particular subject.

With time you will find that 2 or 3 subjects start to take prominence as you may gain interest in that area anyway. Animal wildlife, for example, is a favourite for many people although it is a subject quite difficult to break into. This is due to the time constraints, finances and travel factors involved.

Going through each subject in turn, I will give you my own personal take with any tips along the way. I will keep it to a minimum as in all fairness each subject requires its own separate book to really do it justice.

If I am able, I will link to any websites that are of particular use for each area.

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