Neat Image Noise Reduction Software

Reduce noise and grain in your digital images quickly and easily

Neat Image Noise Reduction Software - Do you ever look at your digital images and see a grainy or noisy look to certain areas. Places such as the sky or shaded parts of the photo? Maybe you like the look and purposely set out to achieve it. However, if you didn't, in some situations this noise is unavoidable:

  • Shooting in Low Light
  • Using High ISO's
  • Underexposing Images

It is similar to that "snowy" appearance of a poor TV signal. As a test, the next time you go to bed, lie back, switch off the light and allow your eyes to adjust for a minute or two. Then look around the room and fix on one area and really study what you see. You will probably see a multitude of grainy coloured dots dancing around your eyes in the particularly shaded areas.

The light is too poor to distinguish fine detail but something has to go there so why not throw in a few dancing pixels...says your brain? (Excuse the explanation but I am not a scientist nor am I a human biologist). The same happens with film or digital sensors.

So, you will at some point experience "noisy" images but how can you overcome the problem and why?

If you intend to upload images to stock libraries for sale, most agencies now ask for noise free images. This is because many times, the images could be upsized to billboard proportions or used in sleek magazines. Image is everything in advertising! You may also want to make fine art prints for yourself or your customers and more often than not, clean images look better in print than grainy ones.

Introducing Neat Image Noise Reduction Software

I have used Neat Image for over a decade now and highly recommend that you add it to your photo editing software.

It has repeatedly come out on top against all other noise reduction software and is priced within the reach of most of us. I make back 4 times the cost of this software with the sale of just one clean image at Alamy so the value to me is obvious.

This cool program can be used as a standalone program or as a plug in for Photoshop. Either way works exactly the same but how you use it depends on your workflow. Check out the video below to see it in action with some great tips on how to use it.

You can only buy the software directly from the Neat Image website. The current prices are (but please double check on their site):




$39.90 / €35.90

$79.90 / €72.90

$39.90 / €35.90

$69.90 / €63.90

$49.90 / €44.90

$99.90 / €90.90

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