May 8, 2012

Lock Up Error With Nikon D4 and D800

Nikon is having problems with histogram and battery

Nikon D4 and D800 Lock Up Error

Whatever next? It seems that the latest batch of high end DSLR's from Canon and Nikon have had no end of problems. Issues and complaints galore and this latest one is actually quite serious.

Nikon are working on a "permanent solution" to fix a problem on the professional Nikon D4 and D800's. The problem is that they may freeze or lock up during use rendering the camera useless until you apparently either:

  • Turn off both the Highlights and RGB Histogram or
  • Take out and re-install the battery

Nikon say that this problem is fairly random which is possibly worse than if it were prevalent in all cases. You are left with a bit of a lottery when purchasing either camera. However, I believe Nikon have now halted production on these models whilst the issue is investigated.

Early adopters beware

I tend to be an early adopter for cameras and computer gear. If I had done so in this case, I would have most certainly used these cameras for recent weddings. Consequently, having a brand new camera fail at the most inopportune moment is not good believe me!

Nikon are hoping that a simple firmware update will fix the problem without owners having to send the cameras in. I surely hope that this teaches manufacturers to test future models a little more extensively in the future because at this rate, Sony will be slowly steaming ahead.

Note: Canon/Nikon. I would happily be a beta-tester for any future releases and can guarantee I would put your new DSLR's through their paces ; )

You can read some of the original online posts over at Nikon Rumors with one reply worryingly stating:

"Yesterday I had a wedding. I shot with my brand new D4 and D800. D4 locked up 3 times and D800 locked up 4 times in an 7-hour shooting. I didn't push the cameras to the limit, nor I did something strange. The card's lamp remained on as well. Only way to continue my work was pull out the battery but VERY AFRAID of losing images since it was still accessing the card."

Tut Tut!

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