April 29, 2012

Last Two Days for Kubota Image Tools Sale

‚ÄčKubota Image Tools Sale

Get some action for Photoshop

Kubota Photoshop Actions

Do you use Adobe Photoshop? Have you taken advantage of the KIT (Kubota Image Tools) team's generous discount this month? You have two days to save up to 45% on many of their most popular products Check out the Kubota Image Tools Sale (details below).

Having literally just finished processing a huge wedding shoot from two weeks ago, I can honestly say I used some of these tools on almost every shot. For me, Artistic Tools Volume 2 is the set I use the most. It has some excellent actions, most noteworthy being:

  • Digital Fill in Flash
  • Smokeless Burn
  • Daily Multi Vitamin
  • Lord of the Rings
  • and some very cool black and white conversions

These actions above alone are worth the money for me. I particularly like the Digital Fill in Flash action as it is perfect for brightening slightly underexposed photos or areas.

The rest of the actions in the KIT store are pretty cool too. Have a look through them and work out which could be used to really enhance your digital photos. Great for client or commercial photography or simply for your own personal images and prints.

Check out the full range on offer here: Kubota Image Tools Sale

Whilst you are in a spending mood, I would also recommend another amazing Photoshop plug in. Photoshop Autoloader from Mike D. I reckon to have saved a few hours worth of processing time on this wedding alone using this plug in. It is worth it's weight in gold for sure!

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