March 2, 2012

Canon Announce the EOS 5D Mark III

How Does the Mark III Measure Up to the 5D Mark II?

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Finally all those rumour sites can breathe a sigh of relief. 

They can stop "guesstimating" as to what the latest 5-Series holds in store. Canon released details today of the new EOS 5D Mark III along with a tasty new Speedlite. Is the latest in the rich heritage that is the 5D and 5D Mark II good enough to tempt you? It all depends on what you have now and what you need it for.

I have been a fan of the 5D Series since the original EOS 5D. I own 2 EOS 5D Mark II bodies which I love. The simplicity of the layout, interface and menu system is what keeps me coming back. I hope the EOS 5D Mark III continues along this path.

The 5D Mark II is a stunning camera with superb images quality and sublime 1080HD video. The Mark III will have to go a long way to impress me enough to want to upgrade. It will have to have:

  • More megapixels (good for cropping and downsizing)
  • Higher quality stills images
  • More focus points
  • Faster focussing
  • Faster continuous shooting frame rates
  • 4k video would be very nice and would keep up with the industry
  • Higher quality 1080p video
  • Faster frame rates for video (1080p 60fps or even 120fps please)
  • More video features such as peaking, zebras etc

It's a lot to ask I know but I adore my 5D Mark II's and I suspect the Mark III won't be cheap.

Anyway, read the specs and my thoughts plus the press release on the Canon EOS 5D Mark III here:

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