February 6, 2019

Fotolia Merge with Adobe Stock

Have an account with Fotolia? You need to sync with Adobe.

Fotolia merge with Adobe Stock

If you have a stock photo account with Fotolia, you should be aware that the merge with Adobe Stock is all but complete. You have until the 5th November 2019 to synchronize your accounts. After this date, the Fotolia platform will close for good so act sooner rather than later.

I have had an account with Fotolia since around 2005 and have earned a fair bit with them. However, sales fell a fair bit over the past few years as the web changed. Saying that, my sales with Adobe Stock are increasing (along with Shutterstock), so I am actively uploading stock images and a lot of footage.

So, if you want to continue selling stock photography and video clips, you can learn how to merge your Fotolia account with Adobe Stock below:

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