April 7, 2019

Lume Cube Alternative

Does the Moin L1 from Mirfak Offer a Different Option to the Lume Cube?

Mirfak Moin Light Magnetic Strip

The Lume Cube is a great, small and powerful LED light that is good for many things below. It is versatile, strong and a lot of fun but they can be pricey so is there a Lume Cube alternative worthy of note?

Well, I was sent a couple of hot (actually they run cool unlike the Lume Cube) contenders. The original Lume Cube offers:

  • Video lighting
  • Backlighting
  • Fill in light
  • Model lighting
  • As a torch
  • Night lighting for a drone

The Mirfak Moin L1 LED Cube Lights are superb in many ways but how do they compare to the already well-established Lume Cubes?

I own both lights and I must say each offers slight variations on what they offer. Horses for courses. Check out the review below:

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