August 17, 2005

Earn a Living With Your Camera

Looking to Make Money with Photography?

Make Money with Property Photography

Earn a Living With Your Camera Shooting Properties!

If you have, or are looking to own a Digital SLR and need an outlet and/or more of an income from photography, this might be the answer! You can earn a living with your camera photographing beautiful houses, businesses, holiday homes and other properties.

Why battle with everyone else for the "same old same old" jobs? You can still get these and more glamorous jobs through the "side door"?

Nothing underhand here, you can read about my own experiences and how it turned my "photographic life" around to see if it can do the same for you!

  • Do you find yourself wandering aimlessly "burning" CF space looking for inspiration?
  • Maybe you are already a freelance/professional photographer who simply wants new challenges in their life?
  • Are you new to photography? Do you need something to get your teeth into for inspiration, motivation and drive?

My Experiences in Property Photography

When I lived in Spain, I was shooting 4-5 properties a day at €140 each. I only needed to take around 10 photos per villa. So, using my techniques, I could get each one photographed quickly and efficiently.  

Similarly, when I returned to the UK, I used the same techniques which certainly got me additional work from agencies. This is because I was able to deliver great work in good time and above all, the work is interesting. I am left alone to get on with things and as a result, I'm able to earn a good living with my camera.

You never know, this could be just the ticket for the "breath of fresh air" that you need.

Don't let the title fool you, read this entire page and see if it isn't something that you could do! Earn a living with your camera with...

NOTE: The book is not free here:

...and it's now free.

Earn a Living With Your Camera
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