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Learn exciting, new photographic techniques that will help you excel in ALL fields of photography not just property photography!

  • Do you own a Digital SLR?
  • Do you love photography and the pleasure that it gives you?
  • Would you like to make photography more of a career?
  • Would you also like to shoot weddings, portraits and all the other exciting stuff?

Do you feel as though you have reached a certain level with your photography? Are you looking to learn more? Maybe you would like to learn how to make good money without copying all the other photographers out there. If so, this book's for you!

Property Photography eBook Free

Even forgetting property photography for a minute. The photography, lighting, Photoshop and marketing skills you will learn in this book can shift your photography up a gear. As well as adding a new string to your bow!

With the current sales boom of DSLR and camera sales in general we are experiencing...and the expected RISE in sales over the coming years, there is going to be an abundance of photographers starting up in the wedding and portrait photography business. This means just one thing…competition!

Photographers everywhere!

Even now as you scan the local ads or browse online, it is noticeable. The amount of wedding, portrait, child and commercial photographers out there is mind-boggling. What if there was a way to "side-step" all of this competition, and STILL get the more glamorous jobs? This is exactly what happened to me 3 years ago. The moment I diversified and started taking property photography for a living, more work than ever in all other aspects came pouring in.

If you have seen my portfolio on this site, you will see a few interior/exterior shots scattered about. As well as wedding, lifestyle, portrait and commercial images. Many of the jobs I received as shown in the portfolio, were through my direct involvement in property photography.

As an example, I once shot a property in Spain and the owners asked if I would put a portfolio together for their 14 years old daughter. I did and only charged €200 for the shoot (on top of the property photos). However, the parents ended up spending over €600 on prints. Over €1,000 for a day’s work!

The other shots are all from various lifestyle and commercial shoots I received as a result of shooting property photography. They include a charity celebrity football match where I got to meet some legendary footballers and soap stars from the UK.

Anyone with a bit of "savvy" about them and a desire to move on can do this, the avenues that open up are endless, you just need to be out there!

Property Photography eBook Free

I don't know the first thing about property photography!

Great! Everything you need to know from setting up the camera to marketing yourself is in the book. Mostly, you have the luxury of being left to your own devices and are under no pressure at all!

Property Photography isn’t glamorous enough!

Even better! Many photographers battling for the wedding and portrait commissions feel the same. THAT is why the photographers that shoot properties quietly earn a good living and get plenty of other, non property-related work through their new contacts, dedication and hard work!

How much will I earn shooting property photography?

That is up to you and directly proportionate to the amount of effort that you put in. In my experience with property photography, you can earn anywhere from €95 for a small apartment up to €1,000 for the largest properties. 1 a day, 2 a day, 2 a week?

Can I still shoot portraits, weddings and commercial stuff!

Of course! When shooting properties, how many influential, friendly and "good to know" people do you think you will meet? How many families would you be in contact with?

The amount of times I have shot a property and the owners have asked "do you do weddings too?". Or "could you do our family portrait while you are here?". Or "…I have a friend getting married next year…".

The amount of work that I have received through shooting properties with a friendly and professional manner is 100% more than I would have received if I was battling with all the other photographers.

I don't have the money!

Don't panic. You can start out in property photography with pretty much the same (or less even) equipment needed for portraits and weddings.

Not having money is all the more reason to "go back to school" and START earning. Learning this niche market will motivate and excite you enough to want to get started immediately.

I don't have the knowledge, confidence or experience for this!

Photographing Kitchens

Once I had finished writing this very detailed book, I asked my wife (who finds it difficult to hold my cameras let alone use them), to proof read it. By the end she actually told me that she felt as though she could take all of my photography equipment and go and do the job herself!

When she picked up my camera in the past, she may as well have been fiddling with a Rubik's Cube! Now, she knew all about f-stops, shutter speeds, lighting, composition and Photoshop. More importantly, she knew how to:

  1. 1
    Build up a portfolio for nothing
  2. 2
    Market herself to get plenty of work with confidence
  3. 3
    Build a very profitable business!

That is more than enough testimonial for me!

If you have read some of the tips and tutorials on this site and found them useful and easy to understand, this book steps it up a notch or two. Whilst keeping it simple and easy to digest. The two complement each other perfectly but you won't find the contents of this book anywhere else.

The website is there for support and assistance and should you need further help. I have included my personal e-mail address inside the book too. The book and website combined should give you the knowledge and confidence to start as slowly or as quickly as you like, just start!

I have photographed many properties from 1 bedroom apartments to massive villas valued at over €8 million. The experiences you will have, and the incredible people you meet on the way are priceless! One guy was very happy with my work and just happened to be the editor of a glossy property magazine. Free listing for me!

Ok! So what is in the book?

It would be all too easy to think that you could just go out and do this now. However, there certain techniques and tips that you need to know to do property photography right.

The book has 96 pages and 92 example photographs giving you the following;

  1. 1
    Introduction to Property Photography
  2. 2
    Equipment Needed - Costs
  3. 3
    Getting Started
  4. 4
    Arriving at the Job 1st Impressions


  1. 1
    The Photography Bit TOC (Table of Contents)
  2. 2
    Setting up the Camera
  3. 3
    Lights and Lighting
  4. 4
  5. 5
    Fixtures and Fittings
  6. 6
    Dealing with Reflections
  7. 7
    The Bathroom
  8. 8
    The Bedroom
  9. 9
    Hallways, Landings and Stairs
  10. 10
    The Living Room
  11. 11
    The Kitchen
  12. 12
    The Dining Area
  13. 13
    Any Other Shots
  14. 14


  1. 1
    Straightening the Walls
  2. 2
    Brightening, Shadows and Colour
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5
    Noise Reduction
  6. 6


  1. 1
  2. 2
    Building a Portfolio for Free
  3. 3
    Pricing your Work
  4. 4
    How to Get Out and Sell Yourself and Your Services
  5. 5
    Who to Approach
  6. 6
    What to Offer the Client
  7. 7
    And Finally…
  8. 8

How much is it?

For me to teach this on a one to one basis "real time" would take about 1-2 weeks depending on the student. Last year I was charging just €35 an hour for very "basic" digital photography lessons. That certainly included nothing as comprehensive as this.

By teaching the lessons in this book for just one week at those reduced rates, the information would be worth about;

7 days X 8 hours X €35 = €1,960

Even this isn't bad considering the "kick start" it would give your career!

"Pro Tips for Profitable Photography - Properties" has everything you need to start up your own photography business! You have bought or want to buy a nice new Digital SLR, now you have an excuse to put it to good use! Don't wait for everyone else to do this, buy the book and get started within a week!

One last piece of motivation.

Once you get started, not only will you earn good money through property photography, wedding photography, portraits and commercial, you can also market the photos that you take. Get property releases where you can and market the images with stock agencies. I have sold many property shots and just one image from one job has earned over $1,000 so far. Is the book worth $14.95?


Rob Simpson - Marbella

The Photoshop tips and marketing advice alone were worth the price of this book.. ..Thanks.

Kit - California

I just took a half hour to skim through your property e-book and have to tell you that I adore your writing style. It feels like you are holding me by the hand and walking me through everything. This book is exactly what I need and I can’t wait to print it out and delve into it!

The kind of things you share (like your own personal thoughts and ways of thinking) are the kind of things that are always left out of other photo books but are essential to doing the job right. Thank you for being so generous. I'm so impressed by this book that I’m going to buy your other one right now (Advanced Tips)!

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