September 19, 2021

Buyers Remorse…

...When Buying Cameras. Do I Get Buyer's Remorse? Nope! (Post Updated Sept 2021)

Buyers Remorse Canon-EOS-1D Mark III

September 2007: Ok, this is to finish my August blog off nicely and smoothly slither into September. I have just one thing to say, especially if you are a Canon fan as you may find this disturbing!

If you visit your local camera retailer soon and happen to see a Canon EOS 1D Mark III, keep walking. In fact, run! At the very least, carefully hand your wallet and credit cards over to your wife. Slowly leave the building and don't look back!

I went out to buy a Canon 580EX II this morning for a spate of weddings in September. I bumped into a retail chap that knows me well. He loves me purely because every time he sees me, he relieves me of my hard-earned cash.

Anyway, I asked if they had any 580's in stock, which they hadn't. However, I did notice that they had the Canon EOS 1D Mark III in. In fact it had pride of place in their window. I asked how much and when he told me his "special price" for me I think I just looked at the pavement. I gibbered something nondescript, stumbled a bit and shot off to the nearest magazine shop.

How much!?!?!?

Yep! After checking a few RRP's, he had definitely given me a discount of around £500 ($950)! I asked if I could have a "quick look" and BAM. Sold.

I own the 1D Mark II and didn't flinch at the upgrade that was the "N" version. Although still a nice camera, it didn't have enough new features to justify the upgrade for me.

This 1D Mark III thing has had the full makeover.

  • The buttons
  • The screen...oh...the live screen
  • The resolution
  • The quality at high ISO
  • The weight
  • The speed
  • ...the everything!

I know he saw my reaction as I fired a few shots and checked for dust etc. Sad, I know and unbeknown to me, he had already asked his assistant to start preparing for the sale. He knows me so well.

Anyway, at that price I didn't even have to make the choice. My wallet quietly slipped out of my pocket. It gently wandered over to my retail friends' lap and purred like a kitten for him.

"Ka-Ching!" went his register. "Sigh!" went my wallet. "WTF!" went my wife!

No buyers remorse here

Yes, I bought it. At that price I would be mad not to as I was actually planning on buying it at the end of September anyhow. Maybe.

I won't go into too much detail here but rest assured I will be using it at tomorrows wedding. Plus the others throughout September so will obviously be adding to the review I wrote not so long ago. This will be pure "hands on" from a wedding and stock photographers point of view. This is a camera no longer reserved for sports and wildlife!

Thanks and if anyone is looking to buy a second hand 1D Mark II (great condition and used as backup to 5D with about 20-30,000 actuation's), all sensible offers considered!

Buyers Remorse September 2021

Panasonic S1H for Film Makers

I very recently bought the stunning Panasonic S1H. A hybrid camera offering superb stills features and video quality that is Netflix approved. £2,450 is a lot to spend on a new camera body BUT I got if for £1,150 less than the RRP. 

At the time, it was selling for £3,600 (body only) but I found a guy selling it on eBay for £2,450. After carefully vetting him and establishing that it was genuine, I bought it and yes, it WAS brand new and still boxed.

The reason he was selling was that he gets cameras at cost through his work. He sells them on cheap enough to sell quickly whilst still giving himself a profit.

No buyers remorse, just a very happy shopper/photographer!

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