September 7, 2021

DJI FPV Case Review

DJI FPV Case Review

Affordable, Tough, Practical, Water-Resistant, Functional & Light Drone Case

Please Note: I was sent this DJI FPV case for review and did not pay for it. However, I only accept products for review that I think I will use myself or that I think my readers would use. I would definitely buy this case...

As a "general" drone flyer in most situations, this case is perfect for the DJI FPV drone. It isn't "Pelican-drive-your-car-over-it tough", but it is easily tough enough.



I have been looking for a decent case for my DJI FPV drone for a while. I have been using a standard camera bag/rucksack and it's a PITA.  Hard to access with bits flying everywhere inside. I couldn't find a decent bag that met my requirements:

  • Allow me to store all the DJI FPV gear well
  • Protect it well from general, everyday knocks, bumps and drops (not throwing off a roof)
  •  Allow me to store all parts "ready to go" (props on, goggle antennae on, controller sticks on, battery in the drone etc)
  • Water resistant
  • Cost around £100 or less

Then, I was recently contacted and asked if I would review the RL Soco case for the DJI FPV drone. After a quick check online I thought it looked pretty good so I accepted. 

When I opened the box I was immediately surprised/impressed. The case was a lot harder than I thought. I had assumed from a previous, quick online search that the case was soft. It wasn't.

Whilst it isn't as tough as the super hard cases that you can drive your car over, it is way tougher that the bag I am currently using. For most people, that don't drive over their gear or throw it from clifftops, this case is easily strong enough.

It's Functional

Functional FPV Case

The most important thing for me was being able to shove everything in the case, get to a location and start flying as soon as. This DJI FPV case allows me to do just that. 

I can keep the props on and the battery in the drone, keep the antennae on the goggles and the sticks on the controller. The battery and cable can also stay attached to the goggles meaning I can simply pull everything out, prep it and away I go. Superb.

It's Tough, Water-Resistant and Eco-Friendly

Water Resistant FPV Drone Case

The inner section of this case is well designed and holds everything in please really well. It is also tough. The outer shell is made of RoHS certified, high-density EVA and excellent polyester materials akin to a standard suitcase.

The case is flexible but very strong and durable. I can imagine it would withstand a fair amount of pressure or knocks before having to worry. Easily good enough for me. 

Lastly, It's An Affordable DJI FPV Case

Most of the other cases, especially the super tough ones, came in at £150 or more. Because I am not going to be treating my kit like a punchbag or using the drone as much as my other drones, I wouldn't need to spend that much.

The RLSoco case is just right. Easily strong enough for my needs and cheap enough for me to buy (if I hadn't received this for review I would definitely have bought it). 

Buy this DJI FPV Case

If you like what you see and would like to buy this case for your own DJI FPV drone, please use the Amazon links below. You don't pay any more but the small kickback from Amazon helps with the upkeep of this site. Thank you.

November 21, 2021

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