January 11, 2012

Ease Your Workflow With Photoshop Proofmaker

Create proofs, resize, add borders, labels and logos with Photoshop Proofmaker

Adobe Photoshop Proofmaker

Photoshop Proofmaker is a fantastic plug in from the people that brought you Photoshop Autoloader. These are automation tools for speeding up your Photoshop workflow.

I have used Autoloader for a couple of years now. Every single job I do with a workload of 10 images or more is run through Autoloader. It saves me hours of time. For the past week, I have been using Photoshop Proofmaker which has a similar interface.

Proofmaker has the same ease of use with outstanding results for a multitude of tasks.

Do you currently create proofs for photography clients? Whether for weddings, portraits, commercial or any job with a number of images? If so, you will love what Proofmaker can do for you and how it can save hours of workflow time.

Rather than spell it all out again here, I have created a short video introduction to this Proofmaker which you can see below.

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