Time Lapse Photography in Bethlehem

A Christmas Adventure in The Holy Land

One of our members, Mick Ryan, was asked to fly to Bethlehem to record the decorating of the Christmas Tree in Manger Square. What should have been a ​simple task led to quite an adventure and this article "Time Lapse Photography in Bethlehem".

Time Lapse Photography in Bethlehem

The images Mick took, especially of the supposed birth place of Christ, really give you food for thought. Regardless of religious beliefs, and whether or not he was the son of God, Jesus probably did exist. When I looked at the images, I couldn't help but wonder what really happened.

Check out Mick's story, images and time lapse taken over 20 hours of the decorations going on the tree in Manger Square...nice work if you can get it!

Time Lapse Photography in Bethlehem

Time lapse photography is a passion of mine and I have been shooting a lot of specialist time lapses. I will go into more detail in the future but for now, think about how time lapse photography and video clips could be used in your business.

Would they enhance corporate shoots and slideshows that you do? Would they impress influential people you work with? Could you sell them as stock?

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