December 15, 2014

9 Hour Night Time Lapse With Go Pro

Go Pro HD Hero 4 night lapse for 9 hours + with frost and rain

Post updated January 2018: Last night, we were due a meteor shower "of epic proportions". This was according to the news and various internet sites but cloud may foul the view. Still, I thought I would set up my kit anyway, for another night time lapse with my Go Pro HD Hero 4.

The weather forecast said there was a 1-2% chance of rain overnight and that temperatures would hit freezing so we could expect a frost.

Nevertheless, I took the Go Pro HD Hero 4 out of it’s casing and used the Frame set up which would allow me to use an external power source. The intention was to have the Go Pro running all night to capture as much as possible.

This meant the camera could get wet and cold with potential damage but what the hell, I am insured…

Settings for Night Time Lapse with My Go Pro:

Night Time Lapse With My Go Pro

I was absolutely gobsmacked to see the Go Pro HD Hero 4 still running when I went out to check at 7.30am. This was after leaving it running for 10 hours plus. It was wet from a bit of rain (no housing remember) and I think the frost in the night was held at bay by the heat of the camera.

The battery pack was also exposed other than its mesh bag and was a little wet but still running. In fact it was showing half power still (from the 15,000mAh) and the Go Pro was showing full power when I unplugged it.

The video above doesn't do it any justice. We have watched it on a full HD TV and it looks amazing! Very smooth and super sharp.

Because I was shooting at 30 second exposures at 30 second intervals, it is virtually impossible to see any shooting stars in the footage as each frame is only showing for a 30th/sec. However, as you can see from the still below, I did catch one or two. As well as some other strange thing flying past the camera as though the pilot was drunk.

Sample frame grabs from footage

Night Time Lapse With My Go Pro
Night Time Lapse With My Go Pro
Night Time Lapse With My Go Pro

All in all, I am impressed with the Go Pro HD Hero 4 and its "Night Lapse" mode. Also, its ability to keep shooting when tethered to an external power source at night, in the cold, and rain is exceptional. Job done…now onto some more interesting and fun time lapse experiments.

Now learn to do the Holy Grail of Time Lapses

Night Time Lapse With Go Pro
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