1-to-1 Photography and Business Training

Photography Business Training for All in Weymouth

1-to-1 Photography Business Training

I'm busy preparing course for a one to one photography and business training session that I am teaching on Saturday. I love these courses. I get a chance to really interact with the person and hopefully get them started and progressing a lot quicker with their photography and business plans.

For this bespoke course, we will be covering:

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    Fill in Flash
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    Other Flash Techniques (Bounced, off camera etc)
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    Portrait photography/Lifestyle Business
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    Business Advice - Websites, advertising, blogs, getting work
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    Market growth areas
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    How to make a photo "pop"
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    Stock Photography

I hold one to one training as and when required as long as I have a clear diary for the times required. The courses can be as long as you like starting at just half a day. Accommodation is also available in the form of the In-Laws' lovely bed and breakfast in Weymouth.

My courses can be quite intense and full but I guarantee you will have a number of "aha" moments. All I ask is that you give me as much information as possible about yourself.

  • Where you are now
  • The direction you want to go in
  • What you are struggling with
  • Areas that you need to address
  • ...and so on

This gives me a chance to prepare and tailor the course for your individual needs. In turn, this means you get super-structured training in all areas to get you moving ahead faster than ever!

You can read more about these one to one photography and business courses over at All Things Photography.

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