August 16, 2011

Seaford Stock Shoot and Family Portraits

Turn a family day out into something great and profitable - My Seaford Shoot!

I had a great shoot at a family Garden Party in Seaford as well as shooting stock images on the beach and during the journey! There was an triathlon event going on too so all roads were closed as well as the Gay pride march in Brighton which held up our journey somewhat.

Whenever I go anywhere these days, I take my camera. The number of times I have stumbled across a stock photo or 10 is amazing.

You never know what you might see on your travels and you certainly never know what might sell. I have sold some incredibly mundane stock photos for hundreds of Dollars!

So, whenever you go out for your own "Seaford Shoot" wherever you are in the world, take your camera. Use the highest possible quality settings, use a quality lens and think about each shot.

Check out our stock photography pages once you have looked at the images below.

Even if you don't shoot any stock photos on your day out, I can guarantee you will get something. Maybe a really special family portrait or an event that happens during the day to remember.

When you get home, make sure to at least put a slideshow together or print a few off for an album or wall. Maybe even make up a photobook as a keepsake of your trip!

Anyway, a few pics from the party…

Seaford Shoot 1
Seaford Shoot 2
Seaford Shoot
Seaford Shoot 4
Seaford Shoot 5
Jack Russell Close Up
Seaford Shoot 7
Family Photography
Dog and Ball
Young Boy Portrait
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