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Abraham Albums Professional Photobooks

Abraham Albums Review: Earlier this year, I went to a photo exhibition in Southampton as they were advertising a talk on flying drones. The less said about that the better. Whilst there, I looked around the many stands hosted by:

  • Camera stores
  • Manufacturers
  • Printers
  • Accessory and gadget stands and so on

However, right next to my brother in law’s stand was a very nice man called Abraham Shin from Abraham Albums.

Abraham Albums produce a number of high quality photobooks and wedding albums and a few caught my eye. I am always on the lookout for quality books at reasonable prices and one stood out to me. It was a 12" x 16" photobook with accompanying hardwood box. The album had an image on the front which looked superb. Its pages were all solid (thicker than usual) and laid flat perfectly.

The colour rendition and clarity of the images inside was superb so I assumed this would be a pricey book. After all, I have been promoting the Asukabook NEO Classic for a while now. The NEO is also one of the nicest albums I have had made.

Competitive Pricing

However, I now live in a slightly lower demographic area where salaries are not so high leading to stiff competition. I have been trying to source another supplier for that market whilst trying to retain quality.

This book fit the bill but I thought it would be fairly pricey. The NEO Classic, which is smaller, came in at over £400. I asked Abraham the price and he said for the 12" x 16" photobook with 10 pages (20 sides), the price was: £127! Adding another 5 pages (10 sides) only brought the price up to £147.

I arranged with Abraham to have one made up from a selection of weddings I have shot and this is the result:

I am absolutely over the moon with the album. Not long after it arrived, I had the chance to show it to two different groups.

Firstly, I took it to my local business breakfast club. When I held it up during my presentation, there were audible "ooh’s" and "aah’s". Having 35 of the most prominent business people see the quality of the book will surely help them to promote me for wedding photography.

Secondly, I took the album to see a potential wedding couple who were meeting me for the first time. I went through my usual spiel and they had already said they didn’t want an album. However, when they saw the Abraham Album they pretty much booked me right away.

I did ask them what they thought that book would cost and they said "upwards of £400"

I was actually honest with them and told them what it cost (£127) and they couldn’t believe it. Even when I said I would charge them £250 for the album they didn’t bat an eyelid.

This means wedding photographers using this album have a lot of leverage with potential clients. You can either:

  • Throw the album in for free for your higher end packages as a nice gesture (to secure the booking)
  • Add a small mark up making it more than affordable for couples (also to secure the booking)
  • Add a larger mark up knowing they are getting a great album with a high perceived value

The 12" x 16" book is heavy , the box is large and there is space for a DVD to be inserted. It can be too much for some couples so it is good to know that the trade prices for smaller albums are also incredibly reasonable:

Trade Prices for Photographers

The books come in 4 formats, Frame, Classic, Magnetic and Photo Cover (mine). The trade prices for different sizes are surprisingly good for what you get:

  • Sizes range from 8" x 7" to 12" x 16"
  • Prices range from £40 for a 10 page 8" x 7" book to £147 for a 15 page (30 sided) 12" x 16" book
  • Parent’s album packages also available


Like most decent albums these days, Abraham Albums supply you with free standalone software which you can download here. Be aware that if you choose to download all the templates, it may take a while as the files are quite large but it is worth it for the diversity of options.

  • 450 Templates
  • 570 Masks
  • 115 Clip Arts

It is pretty simple to use as you can see in the video below:

Overall, the entire process of creating the book on your computer through to ordering, production and delivery is a breeze and definitely worth a try. Make sure you mention me (Nick Stubbs) and this site if you choose to order a book or two from Abraham Albums.

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