August 17, 2011

Vogue Airbrushing Disaster!

Do Vogue even check their photos for errors before going to print? Seems not...

I can't believe it when I read about things like this. How can such a high profile magazine make mistakes like this Vogue airbrushing disaster? Especially as they are employing supposedly top professional photographers and imaging editors. Do they not check their work?

The hand of Kate Moss's daughter, Lila Grace, has been clearly tampered with. Probably to make Kate look thinner, and it clearly shows.

Vogue Airbrushing Disaster - Kate Moss and Lila Grace

You can read more about this here: Kate Moss/Vogue Airbrushing Disaster

I meticulously double check every image that goes out to customers for two reasons:

  • 1
    When I first switched to digital, I made a pano composite for a wedding I shot and made a mistake with the alignments and retouching. You could see the errors at 100% where people were dismembered due to my poor editing. The bride and groom noticed which was highly embarrassing.
  • 2
    Shooting stock photography for many years makes you check and double check images after any sort of "re-constructive" editing. I now do this for all images and not just stock photos.

Pfft! When will they learn? I hope one day to see airbrushing on models to make them look "perfect" banned on ads. On any image in the public eye. I don't want my daughter growing up thinking she has to look perfect all the time!

If you ever get into this profession at any level, please don't make this sort of mistake. Photoshop is so good now with so many more features, this simply shouldn't happen. Double check your work!

It doesn't matter whether you work for a national newspaper, an online magazine or your local church. This sort of thing can follow you around forever and do you no good.

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