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Advanced Photography Books for Beginners and Amateur Photographers

Digital Photography Tips for the Beginner/Intermediate Photographer

Photography Tips for Amateur Photographers

If you are searching for advanced photography books for beginners and amateur photographers, this new e-Book and its tips will leapfrog you from beginner or novice to a seasoned amateur in no time, plus there are many more detailed and advanced tips for the experienced photographers.

Please note this book has now been added as free content HERE. You can still buy this book in a downloadable PDF format below or just read it for free!


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Written by a qualified professional photographer with over 25 years experience, it is primarily aimed at passionate D/SLR users who wish to either progress forward with their hobby and move up a few levels or start to plan a career in photography.

If you have owned a Digital or film SLR for a while now, you are probably itching to make the most from it and would like to know more tips about the advanced and technical aspects of photography. You may have all sorts of ideas of what you want to do but just need a little help?

Photography tips book

Advanced Photography books for beginners and amateur photographers

You may have spent time surfing the internet and looked at other photographers' websites and portfolios, or visited forums and discussion boards and would now like to know how to move forward and build your own stunning portfolio.

Whether you want to make a career from photography or simply improve your photo-taking skills, this book will help in many ways.

It has over 100 pages packed with good, useful information, tips and example photographs with detailed explanations. What it doesn't have, is excess "padding" by way of overly technical jargon and mumbo jumbo!

Photography, when broken down to basics, hasn't really changed since its invention nearly 200 years ago, all that's changed is the way we record the images.

Digital Photography Books

Advanced Photography books for beginners and amateur photographers

It is important to stay focussed on the aspects of photography that really matter and not get too caught up with, and overly influenced by technological breakthroughs, camera upgrades and digital imaging and that is where this book will help you.

The basic idea with photography is to first use just our eyes and our cameras to produce stunning images, what we do with them after that is up to each of us as individuals. It is all too easy to sidestep these basic skills and hope that programs such as Photoshop will get you out of trouble.

If you get it right at the point of exposure you will save yourself a lot of time and money later!

Tips on Digital Photography

Advanced Photography books for beginners and amateur photographers

If you want to get serious with your DSLR photography and learn it the right way, you should build a foundation of knowledge that that you can improve upon as fast or slowly as you wish. This book will teach you how to create a portfolio of images that will impress your friends or clients enough to use your services with confidence.

You will also feel more confident that you are better skilled at "grass roots" level with a solid understanding of digital photography and all its faculties. This book aims to help you in all aspects including information and tips on;

Metering  |   exposure  |   exposure lock  |   bracketing  |   shutter speeds and apertures  |   ISO  |   white balance  |   RAW/JPEG  |   focussing  |   lenses  |   subjects and lighting.

It will also teach you how to give yourself a kick-start if looking to make a career of wedding, portrait, fashion or commercial photography, and give you all the guidance needed to be successful at stock photography with a list of useful resources to get you started.

Advanced Photography Books

Advanced Photography books for beginners and amateur photographers

Hopefully by the end of this book you will be on the right track to becoming a more confident and skilled Photographer in whichever field or topic you enjoy most.

"Love it...The exposure compensation page was highly informative for me and the examples are brilliant..."

"...Thanks for sharing your under-exposed examples and how you have turned them into literal works of art. I would never have thought they could have been salvaged like that..."

"...Well, I wasn't going to admit what I am about to tell you but I feel I really should because this is precisely how your writing turns a light on for me, I had a Light Bulb moment, as it were..."

"...just a few short pages into your book and one mere exercise lead to an epiphany..."

"...After experimenting with the Manual setting in my backyard and watching the Indicator and then seeing the results, you should have seen me doing the Happy Dance, chanting, "I get it, I get it!" And imagine my elation reading the exposure compensation link with my new-found knowledge..."

Nick has a career and passion for photography spanning two and a half decades. His awards include "International Commercial Photographer of the Year 2005" by the S.W.P.P and B.P.P.A (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers and British Professional Photographers Association).

This is over 25 years of experience in a book for just

$14.95 (12.59 Euros)

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"Advanced Tips for Beginner/Amateur Photographers" is a quick and simple download. Paypal is used as a secure, authorized billing agent for your security. Your credit card is validated through Paypal's ordering system and once payment is made, you are re-directed to a download page where you can retrieve the book and start learning straight away. The eBook is in PDF format (free PDF reader on download page) with a file size of approximately 2.3MB due to the amount of example images within its pages. Download times vary according to your internet connection (less than 2 minutes with ADSL/Broadband).

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Advanced Photography Books for Beginners and Amateur Photographers

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