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The Business of Photography: How to Start a Successful Photography Business

The Book with everything You Need To Know About Business

  • Are you fed up with earning the exact same amount each month?
  • Would you like to sack your boss?
  • Do you dream of using your camera and photography skills to earn good money?
  • Would you like to turn your passion and hobby into a successful, thriving business?

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Ash Peters,


"Hi Nick, I’ve just been reading through your eBook on The Business of Photography and once again, you’ve managed to stun me!! I’m only a dozen pages in and already it has me mesmerized, anticipating the next page! So much has happened so far and SO much planned for next year! All being well, I’ll be a full time Pro Photographer by the end of the year! Just wanted to say thank you for your inspiration and phenomenal ability to push and encourage, even when you’re not here!! Lol! "

In "The Business of Photography", You Will Discover:


What makes you tick? Why do you want to start a photography business? Learn to build and grow your self control, confidence, attitude, appearance, personality, imagination, desire, dreams, knowledge, education...


Learn how to get your business in front of "ready to buy", pre-qualified customers. Learn how to use Google ads effectively. Find out how to grow your business using local business breakfast clubs and associations...


What will you call your business? What genre of photography do you want to offer your clients? Weddings? Portraits? Commercial? Aerial? Industrial? Travel? How will you get a decent portfolio together both online and off?


We help you gain an online presence and reputation with more than 13 years experience in the online world. Learn how to build a website that not only looks good but gets found. Learn about SEO, social media, internet marketing...


Learn about the little things to do each day that will grow your business like wild fire. Learn what to do and where to go online to get your business seen. Find out how to leverage the people you know to expand rapidly...


Where does the money come from to get you started? What equipment will you need in the beginning? What goals do you have for the future? How do you decide what to charge clients when starting out?

Start a Photography Business

About the Author: Nick Stubbs

Nick has been a photographer for more than 30 years...20 of those professionally. He began as an apprentice at 16 years old and started his own photography business in London in the 1990's shooting weddings and postcards around the country. Over the past 20 years he has shot weddings in London, Marbella (Spain) and Italy as well as all over the UK. Nick is also a qualified drone (UAV) pilot and has worked with Channel 4, the BBC and Pinewood Studios on a number of projects.

So as you can see...

Starting your own photography business is not just about taking photos and hoping for referrals or placing an ad in the local paper and hope it is enough to bring in the work. The methods and ideas given in this book when all used together should propel you and your business at light speed towards success. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Luck may have played a part in other people’s success (right place, right time and all that) but unless you are prepared to sit around and wait (hope) for that to happen to you, you had best get to work. You don’t just work hard if you want the financial freedom you have been dreaming about…you need to work smart!

Do it right, work hard and that freedom will come! Once you have read this book, if you are not buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm, I will give you your money back (within 60 days) no questions asked!

Start a Photography Business

A Fully Updated Guide For You to Start a Photography Business Today!

How to Sell Stock Photos

How much is this book worth to you?

You don't need a college education, diplomas or a degree to be successful at photography. All you need is passion, a desire to succeed and the willingness to study and learn.

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Good luck and here's to your success!

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*Disclaimer: The advice given in this book is based on 35 years of photography experience and having run a successful photography business for 20 years. All earnings and pricing estimations are just that, estimations. It is down to you to set your targets and achieve them. The harder you work, the bigger the rewards. Success only comes with action so buy the book, read it and get started. There is no right or wrong time to do this, there is simply today!

Start a Photography Business

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