How to Sell Stock Photos

How to Sell Stock Photos: Your Guide to Selling Stock Photos Online

A fully in-depth guide to learn how to take and how to sell stock photos:
  • Equipment. Learn what kit you need to get started right away. Hint: It's a lot less than you might think!
  • What to Shoot. Learn what sells and what doesn't. Don't make the same mistake that thousands of other photographers make when starting out.
  • Where to Sell. Make sure you choose reputable, stable and well-established agencies. We'll point you in the right direction.

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Andrew Gardner,


"This course has taught me how to look for opportunities everywhere and given me masses of inspiration and enthusiasm. Nick has been an amazing teacher and a great inspiration for what can be achieved with creative thinking and hard work. Thanks!"

In "How to Sell Stock Photos", You Will Discover:


Irrespective of earning money, your photography skills will almost certainly improve as you strive towards creating high quality images for stock agencies. Learn about camera settings, composition, lighting, subject matter, image processing...


We'll show you the agencies that we use and recommend for the best sales potential. You don't want to spend all that time and effort building a portfolio with a "fly-by-night" agency that are here today and gone tomorrow (been there, done that).


Knowing what to shoot and what NOT to shoot can save you hours, weeks and even months of trial and error. Using our own experiences and advice should help you to shoot right away the topics and subjects that sell.


The keywords and other data you embed into your images make a huge difference to their visibility. We also teach you how to light, crop, prepare your shots and when to upload them for best results and sales.


Some people think stock photography is a dying business. We'll show you why (if you shoot the right subjects and produce consistent, high quality and up to date work) your photos should sell for many years to come.


The more you put in, the more you get out and with the information we give you here, you will have a clear advantage. You may not get rich, unless you REALLY go for it, but you can earn a very nice extra income! For me, $100k+ and counting.

Photography Money Making Ideas Nick Stubbs

About the Author: Nick Stubbs

Nick has been a photographer for more than 35 years...20 of those professionally. He started shooting stock in 2004 for the likes of Alamy and all the top microstock agencies and continues to do so today. Having sold well over 100,000 images himself, Nick has also introduced around 10,000 photographers to stock photography who have, in turn, sold close to a million images online.

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Matt Gibson


"Very enjoyable and I took a lot away from the course. One of the main benefits was that you allayed my fears and concerns regarding image quality as well as the technical requirements on submissions."

M Stanford,


"It was, again, a pleasure to be on one of your courses and I would certainly recommend it to anyone looking to receive an income from photos which otherwise would have just been sitting there lost."

Lyle Mallen,


"This course opened my eyes quickly to the fact that I would have made a series of mistakes immediately upon uploading my first photographs. This would have given me rejections straight away and could have put me off this type of photography."



"With your guidance in this book, I now feel that I have the knowledge and understanding as to how to take that picture, which instead of ending up in the sleepy hollows of my hard drive, can be used as stock photography and may bring in some income for me."

How to Sell Stock Photos

A Fully Updated Guide on to How to Shoot Stock Photography in the Modern Era

How to Sell Stock Photos

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*Disclaimer: These stock photography earnings figures are based solely on, and taken from elements of my own personal earnings and sales figures over the past 14 years as well as research on other stock photographers. I now receive multiple sales from multiple images from multiple stock agencies. The figures above may not reflect the same revenue for others who read this book as each person's work is may even (and I hope you do) earn more!

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