December 12, 2011

Time Lapse Photography with Go Pro Camera

Moving Time Lapses on a Budget!

Time Lapse Photography with Go Pro and Egg Timer

I was in town doing a spot of Christmas shopping today. I thought I'd use the time to shoot some time lapse photography with go pro features in the Hero 2. I'd been meaning to shoot some moving time lapses for a while.

I wanted to try something a little different, using "budget" materials, that normally requires some expensive accessories and equipment.

In the past, before Go Pro cameras had really hit the shelves, I tried doing moving time lapses. My Sony PMW EX1 had stop motion and time lapse features but not while moving. All I got was static time lapses.

I attempted to make my own by making gradual movements in between each frame shot. It worked ok but whilst panning and zooming into a subject it was a bit hit and miss. I would either zoom a little too far or pan a bit too much.

This made the final clip look jumpy and unusable. I racked my brain and though of a way around this and that is when the egg-timer popped into my head. In hindsight, I wish I had manufactured my own time lapse rotator as they are now all the rage.

Anyway, you can see the footage and learn how I did it here:

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