December 5, 2011

Get Signed Model Releases From Your iPhone!

Great Model Release app for stock photographers

Model Release App For iPhone

Update July 2021: App is no longer active. This page has been left up as an archive page to inform people of this app.

There is a cool new model release app for stock photographers who use an iPhone, iPod or iPad. 

This app allows you to create, store and send signed model releases directly from your iPhone. Yes, there are free apps out there that give you the first three for free and then you pay. You have to pay for each subsequent release, but this app from VM Release has many advantages:

  • Pay $9.99 once and then all releases and upgrades are free!
  • Model releases include photos plus signatures from the photographer, talent (model) and witness
  • Will stand up in a court of law (legal)
  • Accepted by Alamy and Getty Images for stock photography
  • Once complete, the model release gets emailed in JPEG and/or PDF format to all three parties

I have been a stock photographer for over a decade now and I know this app will be very useful. If I am out and about and happen upon a great shot that has people in it, what do I do?

In the past, I have had to lug around copies of my model release form which is a pain. Sometimes I forget them and sometimes I just can't be bothered.

With this app, I have as many legally binding and quick to retrieve and use model releases as I need. I will never run out or not have them to hand. It almost motivates me to go out and shoot more stock.

So, this app comes highly recommended but is just for the iPhone at present. The developers are working on an iPad and Android version.

Check it out at VM Release*


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