April 17, 2015

Make Hay While the Sun Doesn’t Shine

Taking photos in poor weather or bad visibility

It's easy to think that the sun needs to shine to enjoy some outdoor photography. Especially when you shoot a lot of stock photography like I do. Also, having lived in Spain for 10 years, we rarely had the kind of weather that we had in Weymouth yesterday. Therefore, I became used to shooting nice, happy, sunny images and rarely ended up taking photos in poor weather.

Taking photos in poor weather

One recent Tuesday morning, I was about to head off to an early business breakfast meeting at the Pavilion in Weymouth. Then I noticed the mist outside so I grabbed my camera and set off about 15 minutes early to play.

I took some images on the way there as the mist was right up to the town and heading inland. This gave everything a calm, quiet and eerie feel...and a chill too.

Weymouth is well known around this time of year for being a fun-packed and active town. However, when you see it like this, it almost becomes eerie and desolate. Still, it cleared up in the coming days and we spent a lot of time on the beach so happy days : )

I am now going to break my track record of only uploading bright, sunny images for stock. These will be sent off to the agencies to see if they get accepted and sold.

So, the next time the weather looks poor, if it looks impressive and not raining too hard, don't fret. Why not get yourself out there with your gear and start recording it.

Taking Photos in Poor Weather Gallery

Nowadays, I actually look forward to poor weather so I can go out and get creative. One particular morning I was abandoning my walkabout shoot when my wife pointed this out:

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