April 10, 2015

Tips for Flying a Drone or Quadcopter

How to fly your drone or quadcopter safely when starting out

Post updated January 2018: Have you recently bought a Phantom 2/3 quadcopter, drone or UAV? It is all too tempting to go out  and fly it anywhere and everywhere taking photos and videos of all you see. Many people have been flying a drone without really thinking about it and that could land them in trouble.

Flying a Drone

Fly Safely

Reality will soon bite when you either hurt someone, damage their property or cause an accident with your drone. You might even face prosecution if you invade someone's privacy or cause a nuisance. The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) in the UK/Europe and the FAA in the USA are both clamping down on illegal and unauthorised flying and the fines/penalties can be quite severe.

I have written an extensive article outlining basic suggestions when taking up this cool hobby or business that will help to:

  • Keep you and others safe
  • Follow CAA rules and regulations
  • Steer clear of "no fly" zones
  • Convince others that this is safe
  • Have fun!

After all, if you do things right from the start, who knows where it could lead? Since writing this article, I have become a qualified UAV pilot which means I can fly commercially. Or make money with my drone.

I have flown in some incredible places such as the Tate Modern Art Gallery in London and also filming incoming cruise ships in Weymouth and Portland. I have also flown and filmed for the BBC, Channel 4 and a Pinewood Studios documentary.

The world is your oyster in this "still very new" industry so do it the right way starting today!

Use the link below, have a good read and enjoy this wonderful hobby…you may even turn it into a business one day!

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