Shooting RAW Stills Photography

Photographing in RAW - What are the Benefits?

Shooting RAW Stills Photography


I’m confused about shooting raw and using custom functions to sharpen. I have a Canon 30D and 24-105 and my images at the widest focal length look unresolved.

The short focal length images look ok smooth and sharp. I want to shoot raw because I’m very adapt at Photoshop and can do all the post processing easy. I just want to get the very best initial image first. Thank you.


When shooting in RAW format, all the in-camera processing can be switched off including sharpening. The image you get is in effect very basic with regards to image quality but holds so much more information than a JPEG from which you can work.

Images from RAW capture will always look softer and a little "lack-luster". However, as you already said, by knowing a bit about Photoshop, you should be ok pulling the desired image out of it.

The best way to get quality RAW results is (as always) to use a tripod if necessary. Expose and focus correctly and then beef up your pics in Photoshop or decent RAW editing software. I use Canons DPP and love it for some things. However, look at the new Lightroom software or other brands.

Of course, a good quality lens will help with the overall quality of your images too.

I have a section that may help a little more here:

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