February 19, 2013

Pure Wool Blankets Photoshoot

Pure Wool Throws and Blankets from Simply Dorset

Pure Wool Blankets Photoshoot

Last week I visited a local Dorset farm for a to photograph some of their wonderful woolen products. As well as farming lamb for meat produce, they also rear the sheep for their pure Dorset wool.

From this real wool, "Simply Dorset" manufacture some of the finest real wool products such as:

Pure Wool Blankets Photoshoot
  • Wool throws
  • Pure wool blankets
  • Baby wool blankets
  • Lap blankets
  • Woolen picnic blankets
  • Pure wool bed blankets

I had the pleasure of seeing some of these sheep being born on previous shoots on the farm. Then watching them grow and finally handling the wool blankets made from their fleece. I can honestly say that they are super soft and very cosy.

All the models used on the shoot wanted to keep the blankets once we had finished. Sadly, they only had a limited amount of stock available at that time.

Check out the images below and if you would like more information on these wonderful pure wool blankets, please contact Simply Dorset.

Blankets by a Log Fire
Wool Blankets in a Sheep Pen
Pure Wool Blankets Photoshoot
Girl Wrapped in Woolen Blanket
Girl Reading with Wool Blanket
Pure Wool Blankets Photoshoot
Boy Using Tablet and Wrapped in a Pure Wool Blanket
Pure Wool Blankets Photoshoot
Woolen Blanket Over a Bed
Children on a Picnic Blanket

The key to having a successful commercial shoot is to try and keep it real. The shoot the products in a suitable and complimentary environment is a must.

For this blanket shoot, we used the farm, farmhouse and livestock pens to get some real rural and authentic photos. If you don't have models, use what is available.

Here I used both of my children who had just come along for the day as well the business owner. This environment makes for a pleasurable and relaxing shoot which only makes the wool softer : )

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