February 9, 2013

Your Feedback Makes it all Worthwhile!

Kind Comments and Recommendations

Photography Website Feedback

Every now and again, I get some great website feedback regarding All Things Photography. Emails and comments letting me know how it has reached people around the world. This is so important for me as there are days when I sometimes think to myself, is it worth it? Are people even listening?

Those days are fairly rare though because I get pretty consistent feedback from the regulars at ATP Members. I hear stories of their successes on a regular basis...very inspiring for me. Here is a comment received recently from a reader on our Facebook Page:

"Would just like to take a moment to say thank you to you guys. I stumbled onto your website while surfing around and you guys are filled with an abundance of info. In addition to info you provide you responded to a question I submitted so quickly with information I had been begging, literally begging other people for.

Also your response was very professional, and even though it was an email I feel you really treated me with respect. Sadly, these days it's very refreshing to be treated that way from businesses. Seems like that is how it should always be to me though. I just found you guys and I am already so impressed with our interactions. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone who will listen…lol!! Keep up the great work and thanks!"

Please keep the comments and website feedback coming in...good or bad. It all helps to keep the site current, friendly and helpful for its readers.

Thank you!

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